Coral Sea, Part Three: Douglas SBD-3, Dauntless

Part Three, is , AWESOME 1:48 scale kit of this famous dive bomber.
It is in the markings of the aircraft flown from USS Lexington, by Ens John A Leppla, and John Liska, for attacks against IJN Shoho on 7 May, and IJN Shokaku on 8 May, 1942.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Great lookin' of the best I've seen.

  2. Another nice build! Love the Dauntless - just finished mine and enjoyed the build. To me this is the icon of Navy air-power, especially early in the war.

  3. Love the build, great aircraft, was it ever completely replaced before the end of the war ?

  4. Bob,the Marines were still using them on Mindinao in the Phillipines at the end of the war. The French had some in Europe and in North Africa and in Viet Nam 'til end of the 40s, and Mexico into the 50s.

  5. Thanks for posting these up as a prelude to the Midway Build kickoff... You build some nice planes Freddie !

  6. Great! I love the red & white on the early-war aircraft.

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