Douglas SBD-3, "Dauntless", 'Scouting Six', USS Enterprise

‘S-1' was a “” assigned to Scouting Squadron Six, (VS-6) and was flown from
USS Enterprise, (CV-6), by Lt. Wilmer “Earl” Gallaher.

Lt. Gallaher flew this aircraft, putting the first of four 1,000 pound bombs delivered by Enterprise pilots, into the flight deck of HMIJS Kaga, at 10:25 AM, on the morning of 4 June, 1942.

Model is the 1:48 kit...

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  1. Yet another nice posting, Freddie...SBD's seem to taking center stage lately (not that there's anything wrong with that). Thanks for sharing. Like!

  2. Nice deadly Dauntless! I noticed the writing on the bomb, nice touch.

  3. Another nice build Freddie.

  4. Scouting Six was the first U. S. aviation outfit to tangle with the Japanese. They were en route to Pearl Harbor ahead of the ship and lost several aircraft to the IJN strike force fighters. Midway must have seen to be payback. Clarence Dickenson also sank the first Japanese ship, a sub, little later.

  5. Your SBD turned out well, and thanks for sharing it with us.

    I'm thinking about building another Midway SBD, using one of my leftover AM kits. This time I want to build it as a plane flown by "Dusty" Kleiss, who also flew with "Scouting Six". He recently passed away at the age of 100. Like Dick Best of "Bombing Six", he also had bomb hits on two different carriers that day...

    Your SBD is a fitting tribute... I like the writing on the bomb too... Nice.

  6. Well done Freddie, you've been quite busy with this group build and all turned out very well. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great looking Dauntless, Freddie. Other than the bogus interior, the closed perforations in the dive flaps and the c**p decals, l think the Hasegawa kit is a much better fitting kit than the AM SBD's.

  8. Hello Frederick,
    Excellent finish and I can smell the wear and tea on this model.
    Regards, Dirk/The Netherlands.

  9. Wow! Another beautifully done model! The finish is very realistic.

    Well done, Frederick!

  10. Another good 'un Frederick

  11. Lovely Dauntless! I hope no thumbs were harmed in the drilling of the dive flaps!

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