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FM-1 Wildcat in 1/48

This is the kit which I picked from the stash as something easy... You've probably done that: Parts fit was excellent, detail sharp & restrained but the undercarriage; that's another story; very fiddly & the prop needed some work too. Anyway, all finished now & in retrospect, very enjoyable, so I'll keep my eyes open for a FM-2. I picked the Atlantic colour scheme just to be a bit different. Hope you like it

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  1. Hello Tony,
    Sharp and crisp.
    Regards / Dirk.

    • Thanks Dirk. I've sometimes found Hobby Boss to be a little "dubious" regarding accuracy; but this one seems good & I'd certainly do their FM-2 if one came my way.

  2. Very nice Tony! Good to see the Atlantic Scheme too!

  3. Yep...what they said, Tony. 🙂

  4. Very nice! I've been wanting to do something in an Atlantic scheme, and just picked up an extra Wildcat to add to the stash - so maybe...

    Did you use pure white or did you dirty it up a bit?

    • Thanks Greg. My "whites" have varied over the years & my current choice is Valleho Surface Primer, airbrushed straight out of the bottle. It is not quite "appliance white", covers well & dries quickly. I dirtied it up a bit with dark grey pastels.

  5. Great job, and it is nice to see the Atlantic scheme. U-boat hunters I believe?

    • Thanks Robert. My references mentioned that this is the reason for the white leading edges & the white prop cuffs: to minimise head-on visibility from sea level targets. Sounds reasonable...

  6. Beautiful clean build Tony nice to see.

  7. Very nicely done Tony. That Atlantic sea-search paint scheme looks really sharp. The FM-2 project sounds good too and I look forward to seeing it.

  8. Very nice looking Wildcat

  9. Tony, that's a terrific build of an often-overlooked variant of the Wildcat. Great job on the Atlantic paint scheme, too.

  10. Thanks Drew. I'm starting to wonder what else might have carried this scheme: Grumman Avengers certainly & perhaps some land-based twins; I'll have to look...

  11. That's very nice Tony! I like the color scheme a lot too. 🙂

  12. Nice looking Wildcat Tony. Love the colour scheme!

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