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Hawker P1127, XP836, flown by A.W."Bill" Bedford, Dunsfold England 1961.

June 20, 2017 · in Aviation · · 20 · 1.9K

, I modified the engine intake and compressor, the pitot tube, adjusted the undercarriage and sanded off most of the rivets, finished in MM metalizer with MM sealer over kit decals, built previous to 2007.

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  1. Nice job, Allan...don't think I've seen one of these built before. The prototype to the Harrier, I assume?

  2. Although the Harriers ended up as pretty cool looking aircraft, the precursors to them sure were ugly ducklings! Nice job on it.

  3. Allamn, good to see the old girl one beautifully. You don't see this one done, ever! First of the many, a historically significant aircraft in a great deal of ways. Shame someone doesn't make up a decal sheet for the "Tripartite Squadron" that was the trials unit for it. Unique markings! They called it the "Kestral" originally. I remember thinking it was quite the thing when it appeared, but I liked VTOL, anyway.

  4. Was this the Harrier prototype? Very cool build!

  5. Nice one Allan! I think I saw the real thing on an old episode of The Saint or was it The Avengers. Too many years ago.

  6. Very nice job Allan. Never seen this model build before. Your extra work made this a true gem. The basis for the magnificent VTOL Harrier, also one of my favorites.

  7. Love these aircraft Allan,well built enjoyable thanks.

  8. Another beauty Allan. Like the others have stated, I have never seen another one like it... I like it.

  9. Hello Allan,
    Nice build of this famous aircraft. "Bill" Bedford had no idea what a famous aircraft this was going to be in its later live,
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  10. Thanks Dirk, we all need a crystal ball !

  11. I was just thinking about this kit. We have a Kestrel in NASA markings at the local museum. I'm wondering what the obvious external differences are. Nice job on this little kit.

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