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Monkey Business.

June 18, 2017 · in Uncategorized · · 15 Comments

This is a True Story my wife and I always go for a walk on the beach,and sometimes we have silly people who drive their cars on the sand,well this day we had this mad man drive his car a little to close to us so as you can see by the pic I tried to stop him,but to no use,just a silly man getting up to some monkey business,with a bit of luck a local builder was near by and he came to our aid,turned out he was an American on a working holiday,we were so grateful for his help,turned out he was a modeler as well and new of imodeler,talk about a small world,No this may not relate to modeling but I thought you might like the pics my wife took.Enoy.(True Story) Ha Ha Ha!

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15 responses

  1. This just put a big smile on my face! Thanks, Jim!

  2. Very enjoyable!

  3. I don't believe that for a minute...I like that dozer, though. 🙂

  4. Hey Jim.
    Medication running out? Crazy post but love it - looks like Mel Gibson's Mad Max meets Mel Brooks 'the Producers'.
    Made me smile - can't say better than that!

  5. Very funny Jim! And that's a cool ride; just right for a daily commute in a big city. 🙂

  6. Hope you don't mind I just want to thank you all,this put a smile on my face making this and I'm very Glad it has done the same for you,Objective achieved,The cheeky monkey made me do it and she is looking over my shoulder,I also thank iModeler for making this possible for me to do,and yes David the imagination of Mel Brooks,and 1 crazy Aussie,some one said smile and the world smiles with you,so keep on smiling and a Grateful thanks to you.

  7. Jim. made me smile, too! Thanks!
    Love the monkey!

    • Thanks Bernard,did mean to tell you no figure cringed or was harmed in the making of these scenes.thanks.nice to know it made you smile,best medicine.

  8. Super! I like posts like these...


  9. Haha you just made my Monday morning brighter! 😀

  10. A great way to start the week Jim - keep on posting!

  11. Thanks to all the above,Maurits,Sebastijan,David and Greg,it still makes me laugh,got to say i was not sure how people would take it,thought I may have been band from imodeler,in a world full of political correctness,its nice to have some fun,isn't this is what it is all about.Cheers.

  12. It's what imodelling is all about for me, great posting. Jim.

  13. Great job! Count me in the "smile" category after reading this & looking at the pictures!

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