Nakajima B5N2, Type 97, Model 3, Carrier Attack Plane,

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Hey Folks!

Kicking off my contributions to this awesome Group Build, (Thank you Louis, for organizing, Martin for allowing, and Chuck for that beautiful introduction and dedication)
Is the mount of Lt Tomonaga Joichi, who led the first strike against Midway Atoll of the morning of 4 June.

Lt. Tomonaga would also lead a second strike against USS Yorktown later in the day, and would be shot down and killed, by Lcdr James S. "Jimmy" Thatch.

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  1. Great little build, Freddie...but you neglected to tell us tyros what kit or scale it is. 🙁

  2. Another fine build sir. Love your connection between the two builds.

  3. Freddie, that is a beauty!

  4. You are very welcome Freddie ! It was a team effort, not just me. Your "Kate" really looks the part my friend. Thanks for posting it.

  5. Good looking Kate Freddie, like the connection with the Wildcat as well.

  6. Great looking build - some nice weathering.

  7. Great looking Kate Freddie. Very nice weathering. I noticed you went with the double blue fuselage bands and the BII tail code. I went with the single blue band and the BI code, mostly because the decals I had for Tomonaga's Kate and Kobayashi's Val were printed that way. I know there is much debate over that amongst the guys that know way more than me, but who really knows.

    • Yeah, I went with the double stripe because...allegedly...Hiryu and Soryu traded markings within the 2nd Car Division right before Midway. I remember reading that also, but cannot put a finger on where for the life on me. I will find that, and I will put up the link. However, Tomonaga DID fly THAT plane, with one stripe at some point after he joined Hiryu.

  8. Beautiful, Frederick! These Jap plane were so important to the Japanese at the start of the war. Lots of history!
    It looks real!

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