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5 Model Bandai Star Wars Mini Model Jam

February 22, 2020 · in Sci-fi · · 3 Comments

Since taking over the Model license for Asia from Fine Molds, has consistently produced easy to build model kits for the Star Wars fanboy/girl. They have several lines including a line of mini kits for those lacking the space for a 1/1000 Death Star or Super Star Destroyer.

These are actually three different kits.
1) 1/350 Millennium Falcon and 1/1000 Blockade Runner
2) The 1/1000000 scale Death Star II
3) 1/14000 and 1/100000 Star Destroyer and Super Star Destroyer.

The instructions are pretty straight forward (in the case of the last two kits, they are printed right on the box instead of an instruction sheet) and any markings provided involved stickers not waterslide decals.

The Falcon was painted Sky Grey and most of the small details hand painted. The exception being where the stickers were used like the cockpit area. IIRC I used a light watercolor wash and sealed it up with a flat coat..

The Rebel Blockade Runner or Tantive IV Corvette was preshaded flat black and painted using Tamiya Neutral Grey. Bandai supplies stickers for the red areas, too but I ended up having to brush paint most of the red areas (using Model Master Insignia Red) except the fine red bands around the engines. It too suffered a light watercolor wash and sealed with a flat coat.

The Death Star was the easiest kit to assemble and parts did not need glue. However, it was the most complex kit to paint. I used FS3622 for the interior, Tamiya XF-80 Royal Grey for the light grey outside areas and Tamiya Dark Grey for the dark outside areas. I used a lot of Kabuki tape to mask off the small sections. As you might have noticed, I did not complete the entire surface as I got really annoyed and bored with the tedious task of masking. I felt I did enough and that was that. I did use some washes for the interior.

The 1/14000 Star Destroyer was first primed with black Stynylrez primer and airbrushed with light coats of XF-80 light grey. I used Tamiya's black enamel wash to pop out the details. The 1/100000 scale Super Star Destroyer was painted Tamiya's XF-23 light grey and XF-82 RAF Ocean Grey with the engine interiors brushed painted silver then with a clear orange top coat. Tamiya's black enamel wash was used as well.

These are fun simple kits to build (maybe not paint in the case of the Death Star) and won't take up huge amounts of shelf space.

15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

3 responses

  1. Love them, Star Wars and saving space too...ummm no pun intended!

  2. A great looking collection! Nicely done.

  3. They all look the part! Nice.

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