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1/32 F-4F Jabo G35 20 Jahre Special

July 3, 2017 · in Aviation · · 32 Comments

Hi again folks,

This is the 's F-4F in my favorite pattern, Norm 72, with the 20th year special markings of the Jabo35.

Due to the humongous size of the kit (60+ cm.), I wanted to put some extra money (which ended up more than the kit price consequently) and tried to replicate the original beauty as much as I could within my talent.

So, I used the Quick Boost resin seats, Master metal pitot tube and AirDoc's crisp and beautifully printed decals.

It is such a pity that I did not purchase AirDoc's stencil set. Lesson learned, and I would highly recommend putting some more extra money when dealing with a large scale kit, particularly when building a special livery like this!

The project started in July 2016 and phinalized in April 2017, thanks to my busy schedule of being an active Army officer and a 1,5-year old super active baby boy:)))

Not surprisingly, most challenging and time consuming part was the masking, painting, re-masking and squaring away the German flag. Not the best one for sure, but at least I tried my best.

Since I do love the former West German special liveries on F-104s and Phantoms accompanied with Norm 72 pattern, I am afraid that in the future I'll be losing some more money, time and nerves on the Luftwaffe.

Hope you enjoy the build, cheers...


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32 responses

  1. One of MY favorite jets as well, Emre...really nice build. I like it. 🙂

  2. I'm with Craig on this one great looking model,I'm not a plane guy,but this has to be one of the nice's aircraft,don't tell anyone I have one myself,don't want the armour guys to know,thanks for the pics and sharing.Cheers.

  3. It's clear from your post just how much of a labour of love this kit was. I think you have done a fantastic job of the build and an even better job of the camo and markings; the 'Norm 72' with the German flag is superbly done.
    Did you use Xtracolor paints?

    • Thank you David. I do not give up old habits. I have been using Tamiya and Gunze acrylics ever since I've given up enamels.
      However, this time I mixed Revell aqua with Tamiya. German camo colors are so hard to mix and match and I have plenty of kits waiting in the stash. So, next is to purchase the Hataka's "Modern Luftwaffe" paint set and give it a try in order to come up with the optimum result...

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    said on July 3, 2017

    All the work was worth it Emre. Its a cracker.

  5. Great result!

  6. If you ever fancy going back to enamels, the Xtracolor modern Luftwaffe colours are a great match; RAL 7001 Silbergrau (Silver grey, Xtracolor X255) RAL 7012 Basaltgrau (Basalt grey, Xtracolor X254), and RAL 6014 Gelboliv (Yellow olive, xtracolor x251).
    Having said that I LOVE your F-4; she's a beauty.

  7. Phantasticly Phabulous Phantom! Great job!

  8. Not being a modern jet guy (yet!) I can't comment on the hues of the paint! All I can say is that this is a really striking model - one of those builds that turns your head. I can't imagine your other commitments - but in the face of a one and a half year-old it is an even more brilliant and beautiful effort.

  9. Awesome, Emre! Beautifully built, painted, & such. You have a talent for these goodies, fer sure.
    Take care of your Son & have fun with him.What is your field in the Army? I spent 7.5 years in Fulda (11th Cavalry) in tanks. I miss Germany. It was wonderful there with great people. Sadly, I didn't meet an German modelers. It would have been interesting. Great job!

    • Jeffry, I am an infantry officer and served as an instructor in Pfullendorf (Baden WĂĽrttenberg) in a NATO Training Center between 2012-2014.
      Beautiful country, beautiful times, unforgettable memories and friends!
      I was also a member of the Bodensee Plastic Model Club, I cannot mention more of the club members' hospitality and friendship!

  10. Love a Phantom in Norm 72, truthfully I enjoy any aircraft in Norm 72 and there's one on my bench as I write this.

    Superb work, I'd be very, very happy with this in my cabinet.


  11. Nice masking and airbrush job. Love the shades and the weathered look.

  12. I love the satin sheen. Excellent job!

  13. Good job and painitng !

  14. Wonderful Emre. You did a great job on the build of this Phabulous Phantom! Nice courscheme and weathering. I've recently bought the Hataka "modern royal air force" paint set, so I'm also interested in your experiences with the new Hataka "Modern Luftwaffe" paint set.

    • Thanks Ferry.
      Since I got some other projects inbound, it looks like Hataka Luftwaffe will wait till early 2018. F-4F Norm 72 combo build (48th and 32nd) has really been enjoying but also tiring endeavour. I would like to miss German stuff for a while and probably next first one will be either a 48th UH-1D SAR or 72nd Sea King SAR. Not sure yet. Please let me know about your Hataka experience as well...

  15. Very nice! I'm fond of the Norm 72 scheme as well (recently posted an RF-4E with that scheme). Very attractive with the additional special edition paint work on top of it.

  16. Emre, Looks great, really good paint work, any of us who has mask and painted strips around fuselages can appreciate your work here. Well done !

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