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Airfix Bf-109 E3 1/72 “Forced Landing”

My newest project is the BF-109 E in scale. The figures are from Zvezda, named "british recon team". I airbrushed my models with "Mr. Hobby" colors and did some dust dirt with "mig ammo" (airplanes engines and exhausts) and "Ak interaktive" products. The scheme of the plane is fictional, but refers to the JG26 planes in the period.

15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Very nicely executed diorama, sir...well done indeed. I see this is your first post. Welcome aboard iModeler (a VERY "user-friendly" site I might add). 🙂

  2. Welcome on board, Andreas! I can only second Craig's comment - very nice work, thanks for sharing!

  3. Tahnk you, happy that you like it!

  4. Very nice diorama. Not very often one see a aeroplane diorama so it is extra welcome. I think the figures might gain some from a coat of flat to lessen the shine.

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    said on July 30, 2017

    Very nice work Andreas. Welcome.

  6. Great diorama, at first I thought it was a larger scale.

  7. Nicely done

  8. Great Job and great diorama! Very realistic!

  9. Thank you guys, I am happy that you like my work.

  10. The crashed airplane is very convincing. You ought to get a German pilot for the British soldiers to be capturing. Very good work overall.

  11. Wonderful job Andreas, very well done specialy in 1/72, also my favorite scale. It's usualy much more of a challenge to create a realistic "damage" but you did a super job.
    Now lads...where did that pilot go to?

  12. Thank you Ferry. The pilot? hmmm... someone has removed the first aid kit, as you can see on picture 4...

  13. As well as the model itself I also love the lighting in the pictures, welcome to iModeler.

  14. Truly remarkable, especially in 1/72 scale.

  15. Welcome aboard my friend. Your 109 is a great way to start posting articles ! I really like it. I no longer build 1/72 new scale. My eyes are not as good as they used to be. Yours really looks great.

  16. Andreas, Welcome aboard, and I must say "this is really nice", I like your overall production here very much. The fact you didn't go over board on your damage, makes for a very realistic scene. Not including the pilot, I think adds a lot of interest !. After all, look at the above comments, people want to know. I think the pilot made it to Ireland and is sitting at a table drinking a beer ! Good work !

    • Thank you very much Terry, I am glad to see that all the guys like my work.
      I also like the little (or big) storys behind the mans and the planes. In this case it is fictional, but stimulates the imagination...

  17. Wonderful, Andreas! You've done a great job!


  18. Well done Andreas; one of the most realistic crash landings I have ever seen modeled.

  19. Lovely work Andreas! 1/72 is my scale, so I'm always glad to see such detailed work at that scale. Very authentic weathering, especially with the "damage."

  20. Thank you very much to all!

  21. Excellent diorama. Very convincing when one looks at actual crash landed emils during the BoB period.
    Like beyond above said, the detail is awesome considering the scale.

  22. Excellent diorama. Very convincing when one looks at actual crash landed emils during the BoB period.
    Like all people above said, the detail is awesome considering the scale.

  23. Andreas, I love the spillage from the oil reservoir, it is real convincing. Just a great little scene overall.

  24. Andreas, That's a top job, model and photos.

  25. Thank you very much @all, very happy about your comments : )

  26. Lovely model Andreas. Top marks for finish, realism, imagination & photography!

  27. How nice! A winner Andreas, Gratuliere!

  28. Increíblemente bueno en 1/72 ,al igual que las fotos.Me agrada ver trabajos tan bien realizados .

  29. Fantastic work and very convincing, I love the base too! There is one small point regarding the canopy in that the rear part of the canopy would also have been jettisoned with the main hood.

  30. Andreas,
    One of the best vignettes I've ever seen!
    Your model looks fantastic!
    There is "life" when watching the scene! Very good!

  31. Wow Andreas, that really is remarkable given the scale! Incredible detail. Congratulations

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