Fw190A-8, White Ten of 9. /JG. 5 (Eduard, 1/72)

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Kit: Royal Class
Scale: 1:72
Colours: Humbrol 241, 245, 246, 247.

Fw190A-8, white ten flown by Staffelführer Rudolf "Rudi" Artner, of 9. / JG 5, "Eismeer", Herdla, Norway. Like my previous Fw190, this warbird also took part in the battle named "Black Friday" on 9 February 1945. Artner claimed two victories that day. In all Artner claimed a total of 20 victories.

From Weltwebel Rudolf Artner's battle report:
"About 50 km north of Sogne-Fjord, we saw the enemy formation which consisted of approximately 30 Beaufighters and 10 Mustang escort fighters.
During a combined attack with my Staffel, I managed to gain hits on a Beaufighter which I attacked from behind and above. The Beaufighter crashed burning in a flat
angle. The crash was noted at 16.10 about 10 km north-west of Førde. The crew did not leave the plane."
"As the battle developed I managed to hit another Beaufighter twice during a low-level tailchase. The plane finally turned and crashed straight into the ground after yet another salvo.”

I have just bought a book on JG5, and hope to give a bit more information later on. I have three of four more builds planned, which will all be from JG5 and the staffels stationed in Norway during WW2.

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  1. Very nicely done, sir - an outstanding presentation. But you omitted the manufacturer and scale of your build. 🙁

  2. Some nice cockpit detail work for that scale! Looks good.

  3. Looking great, Johan!

  4. Johan, Well done, an excellent built FW.
    I've been eyeing these 1/72 scale eduard kits since they came out, can you give my your opinion of the kit ?

    • Thanks, Terry.
      The Eduard kits, yes...I have only build Fw190s from Eduard, this is my third actually. I have build both Weekend Edition, Profipac and now the Royal Class edition. However, the latter was a 2015 mold, while the others where from before 2010 I believe. The older ones had some fitting issues with the fuselage and wings. Other that that the mold and the build is pretty much the same in all three kits.

      As you probably already know, Profipac and Royal Class comes with PE parts included, but they're optional. All kits also come with masking for the canopy.

      Panel lines and details are very good. Compared to Airfix 1/72 Fw190s, there are more details to the build itself. And I like that. With these kits I have come to enjoy the building process a lot more. There are some challenges, but I think that's mostly due to my skills. I have been building for 7 months. But for me these kits have taught me much.

  5. Excellent work Johan! I really like it. Two thumbs up Sir. The cockpit really looks amazing, (as does the rest of the plane).

  6. You have cocked up the landing gear, a very common problem with those unfamiliar with the Fw-190. The gear is canted forward (go look at some of the profile photos of 190s I have done). Fortunately, this is an easy mistake to fix - bend the gear forward properly and then set it in place with CA glue.

    Other than that, a very nice model, which is why it deserves you taking the time to get the main fakakte right, so the whole thing is as good as its elements.

  7. For anyone building a Wurger, this is an excellent site and reference for that distinctive angled landing gear 'cant'.
    Johan, that's a gorgeous butcher bird, especially for 1/72 scale; amazing work and great to read some of the actual report!

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