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Zvezda 1/35 M-3 Scout Car

I believe I won this kit in a raffle as I haven’t tried to do many military vehicles, and this was one of my first attempts.. The M-3 was the product of the Wright Motor Car Company in Cleveland, Ohio, is sometimes referred as the White Scout Car. It was used for patrol, scouting, as a command vehicle, as seen in the movie Patton, ambulance and as a gun tractor. White built over 20,000 of these and they were also used by the British, Russia, and the Free French. It’s design would be the influence for the M-3 Half Track vehicle. Both would be replaced by the M-8 Greyhound.

Build was fairly straight forward and OOB, I did think there were way too many parts, especially for the under pinning which would not be seen. Used Model Master paints and some pastel chalks for some highlighting, along with the kit decals. The kit also came with a canvas top which I did not use as I wanted an open model.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

5 responses to Zvezda 1/35 M-3 Scout Car

  1. Turned out extremely well, Tom….those Zvezda kits aren’t too bad. You should try some of the “better” Tamiya armor kits – you seem to have a knack for ’em.

  2. Nice job. I had a friend who owned one of these and restored it. Yours looks very realistic.

  3. Nice job on a cool vehicle, I don’t know why I’ve never built one of those. The Ma Deuce looks really mean on there. You might want to dirty those tyres up a bit tho.

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice work on that model. I have been a little curious for any model of that brand. Don’t get me wrong, it turned out ok, but I just kind of see something not right ( not of your doing, it is in the model as a product ). Nice work.

  5. Wondering if this is the former Peerless/Max kit. They were the only ones to make one in this scale. I suspect the molds have traveled, since.
    Hoping Mr. Tamiya makes a 48th one, and a half track with quad 50s. Both widely used, the half track was the APC of its day.

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