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'Old Skool Airfix'Super Mystere B2

July 4, 2017 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2K

Built in the middle of my P-47 project - I was waiting on some extras from the UK - 90mins to build and a few on-and-off sessions to spray-mask-spray again. Think this one dates from 1972, the decals are from an (almost as old) Modeldecal sheet for a machine based at Cambrai in 1970.

Nothing else to say, thoroughly enjoyed the build, took me all the way back to being nine years old again and the first time I built this one !


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  1. 90 minutes? Gotta be a record, huh...? Came out pretty good, though. 🙂

  2. Also built it looong time ago, in Israeli colours and original decals. Don´t think there is a recent model of this, is there?

  3. Like the stand looks like its built for speed(no pun intended) great build Ian and colour scheme.

  4. Hurray Ian !
    Thats what modeling is about : being 9 again!
    You didnt miss your aluminium coat though ...cause the paint was ready from the p47 I guess...

  5. Typical sabre and thunderstreak era type of design

  6. Your "quickie" catches very well the essential beauty of this aircraft. Bravo!
    It's always a pleasure to see how good old kits are finally brought to "life" after having waited for sooooo long... 🙂

  7. Great work Ian, the kit looks fab even 45 years later, nice to see these old kits being built.

  8. Wow time machine, takes me back as well. Great job Ian, and what a pleasure one can have building these lovely old kits. Take care of the sound barrier with these fast builds .LOL.

  9. This is great ! I built this when it was a new kit. This brings back great memories. However, mine never looked as good as yours!

    Wonderfully made & finished.

  10. Thanks all - it's clear to see you 'get it' - I've had the kit in the pile for years, I had a couple of weeks and I knew it wouldn't take much to get-it-together. Really got a taste now, so may go and re-visit some of my first kits again...

    ...The BAC Trident, the Wellington and the Marauder could all 'happen' !


  11. Nice blast from the past !

  12. I love pulling these old kits out of the stash and making something nice out of them. Well done on this one! Our club liked the idea so much, we are adding a new category to our contest - Vintage OOB (Out of Box). We haven't decided the cut-off-date to qualify, but we're talking about somewhere in the 1980 or 1990 range.

    • That's fantastic, but please ask the club to be 'braver', go back to 1970 and open-ip those wonderful old Monogram, Revell, Frog Matchbox and of-course Airfix boxes !


  13. So cool, Ian, just right, modelling how I remember it, but even better.

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