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P-36A Hawk (Academy 1/48)

July 19, 2017 · in Aviation · · 16 · 4.9K

This is the new re-release of the relatively old Hobbycraft kit. This kit has pretty good moulding and recessed panel lines, but it is pretty rudimental in cockpit and engine/engine cowling area. The plastic is moulded in light grey with nice and clear transparent parts.

The overall fit of the kit is good considering that this is a pretty old mould. Some filler is required here and there. I was very surprised with the good fit of wing/fuselage parts.

The worst part of the kit is engine/engine cowling/armament area. Details are very bad and some surgery is required to match the references I could find. The engine is easily available - just take a look at what Quickboost has to offer, but cowling and armament bulges have to be modified. I added some wires to the engine. Looks good enough for me.

I decided to cover most of the cockpit area with a pilot figure so I used an Eduard Zoom set, which is great because it contains some crucial exterior parts.

Clear parts are tricky to install. They have to be glued with "non fogging" glue. I had Eduard masks, but they are incorrect for these parts.

Markings are the main reason why I've decided to build this model. I was always fascinated with the story about Phil Rasmussen and the attack on Pearl Harbor. When I saw this boxart, I knew this would be my next build. Decals in this box are from Cartograf, and that means that they are great. Paints used are ALCLAD II.

Figures are from the various Hasegawa sets - heavily modified. I tried to make a scene when Phil is entering this plane in his pajama, and ground crew is looking for cover after they prepared his plane for the flight.

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  1. Brilliant! The build and paint job are beautifully done and make for a striking aircraft. The base is really well done with the debris hinting at the circumstances for take-off! For me the figures are what takes this to another level - really creative addition bringing the scene to life - and excellent pyjamas!

  2. VERY nicely depicted - despite any "drawbacks" encountered as described. Nice build!

  3. I agree with the comments listed above. Well done sir ! I like it... You don't see too many P-36 builds. That's a shame since it's the predecessor to the P-40...

  4. Your model is an absolute delight. Beautifully built, painted & displayed; and what's more, tells a story. Thanks for posting.

  5. Phil Rasmussen was labeled the Pajama pilot. Strapped a pistol to his PJ's and ran out to his plane. To shoot down a Zero and receive approximately 500 bullet holes in return for his efforts. Neat model.

  6. Really beautiful! And nice to a P-36.

  7. Great job. I built the original Hobbycraft version with the same problems

  8. The extra detail on the base, plus the figures, really bring this model to life.

  9. Very nice work on a kit that isn't that nice, for a really nice result.

  10. Beautiful! This is well painted and the humourous (yet serious) history is great!

  11. Welcome on board, Vjekoslav! I can only repeat what the previous posters wrote 🙂 I love the scene you've created, and thank you for providing info on the kit's issues!

  12. Lovely work Vjekoslav!
    Beautiful P-36.
    Great subject and wonderful story.

  13. That's really well done, Vjekoslav. A clean build and a great concept, well executed.

  14. It's all been said before, but let me add my delight in a project well done!

  15. Vjekoslav, this is really nice, Good modeling !

  16. Awesome build! The Alclad paints worked out nicely.
    Historically, Phil Rasmussen does not get the credit he deserved, and that is not to take away anything from the few other, better known pilots who managed to get up and get into it that day. I am glad you chose to honor him, and the contributions of a lesser known airplane. Great job!

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