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The new Airfix Me 262 in 1:72

July 14, 2017 · in Aviation · · 11 Comments

Here are a few photos of the new which is featured in the new issue of Airfix Model World Magazine. This is a superb little kit, detail is excellent. This should be in the shops by Autumn I believe. Hope you enjoy the photos!

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses

  1. Superb kit? If you say so - I believe you.

    Enjoy the photos: Absolutely! You did a superb job of building & finishing what looks like a great & interesting kit.

    Great job, Alan!

  2. Outstanding detail work, Alan...very nice indeed.

  3. Very nice! Clean build and lovely paint work. What I have noticed from the new-tool Airfix kits I've seen displayed is that the engraved panel lines seem a bit large for scale. Having engraved lines to accentuate does bring out visual interest, but I think my approach may be to either go for more muted tones for the wash, or skip the wash and use pastel post shading to get more of a hint of the panel lines. I'm pretty sure you've built a number of these new Airfix kits - have you found the engraved lines overall a bit out of scale?

    • Thanks Greg, personally I don't have any problem with Airfix's panel lines. Remember this is a 1:72 kit so its small, any panel lines are going to be over scale. Also you are seeing this on your screen, probably a lot closer up that you would see it sat on a shelf. I have used a dark wash to bring out the panel lines to give it interest when viewed from that distance.

  4. Brilliant!,

    Thanks for sharing. I have been looking forward to this one.

    Cheers Gregor

  5. I second that Brilliant. That model say's buy me. As for the panel lines, it seems to be a subjective preference. One can always use Mr.Surfacer and some primer in conjunction with lighter shades of oils or what ever medium to lighten the panel lines to their tastes. Alan's job is to show the panel lines represented on this new kit which he has done with some out standing results. Given the price of many of these kits which are reasonable and allows some folks to want to purchase another one, For Airfix its finding that sweet spot for the modeler and making a pound. Appealing to many tastes, needs and wallets is what its all about.

    Two thumbs up Alan.

  6. Wow beautiful bird.the picture from the rear is great

  7. Great build and looks a great kit.

  8. Looks excellent. Kit and resulting model.

  9. Nice one! I have the Airfix agazine in my hand - seems a lovely kit and better than the Revell one (which is a quite good one also IMHO). Grat for the build and article!

  10. Great job Alan, and I really enjoyed the article in AMW. This one's definitely on my 'to buy' list.

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