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Revell Pz. Kpfw. 35 (t) in 1:35 (#03237), with Diorama

August 25, 2017 · in Armor · · 6 Comments

Some history:
I do not regularly build kits in 1:35th scale but I found this kit #03237 a nice addition to my collection of armor so I went for it. The kit is essentially a rebox of CMK's Pz. Kpfw 35 (t) dating back to 2013. The build stretched over 2 (yes: two) years for various reasons but not because the build was too difficult ;). Built by Skoda, these tanks were captured by the Germans after the occupation of Czechoslovakia in early 1939 and served in various war theaters in the initial years of WWII. Soon, this tanks maximum 25 mm armor proved too vulnerable for the increased firepower of its adversaries, rendering them obsolete.

The build:
The build was straightforward thanks to the clear Revell instructions. I decided not to use the decals featured in the kit but researched a "field-marked" version used in the Balkans campaign in 1941. I added tools from the spares box as the ones in the kit lack details. Given these vehicles were crammed inside, most crew stored their belongings on the outside, which is why I added a blanket made from painted baby wipes drenched in PVA glue. The tracks are injection molded section type; it is not possible to give them "sag" but for a build of this extent I closed my eyes for once and applied extra "mud":)

Painting & weathering:
I primered the model flat black, after which I sprayed the usual German grey as enamel (Revell). I prepared application of the decals with clear varnish and sealed them with flat finish varnish. Weathering was first done with a thinned brown umber oil paint, after which some dry brushing followed in light grey. To integrate the vehicle with its surroundings, I applied the same "mud" as in the diorama to the underside of the fenders. I applied some rust particles (yes: real home-made rust) on the exhaust for realism.

The diorama:
The model is depicted here in Greece. I researched the interned for landscape and vegetation and thought of a new technique to model pine trees from thin brass wire. The "mud" is made by mixing earth (from the garden) with PVA glue and paint. It is cheap as real mud and very realistic I find! The figures make the dio more lively and are Tamiya German tank crew at rest (#201).

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy this project, comments welcome! I spent about 25 hours on this one including researching and building the diorama. I am happy that this project is finally finished so I can continue building my entry to Louis' Year-of-the-cat GB. What do you think of it?

Happy modelling!


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6 responses

  1. Very nicely done, sir...the setting is quite "believable"and the seemingly nonchalant pose of the figures make it even more so. Good work.

  2. Great work, Michel! You are right - real mud looks real here.

    Great diorama of an important German vehicle from the Blitzkrieg.

  3. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice work Michel, the weathering looks great.

  4. For some reason the diorama pictures are a little dark, maybe it's just my iPhone, however this adds to the atmosphere, the arrangement and poses or the figures seem to be just right.

  5. Excellent job! nice dio.

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