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Revell's new 1/32nd Spitfire MkIXc

August 7, 2017 · in Aviation · · 13 · 2.2K

Evening all,

The latest off the bench is 's new 1/32nd MkIXc, which as I'm sure you know follows their release from a few years back of a Spitfire MkII and thus the breakdown of the kits is almost identical.

This was a very pleasurable build and it went together relatively trouble free; the only filling needed was as the wing root fairings where the moulding was slightly short - I've seen this on many other builds and know it wasn't just my kit which has this issue. The simple solution is to add a small plastic card shim to each fairing and smooth it in with Milliput and a wet finger, and the problem is solved in under 10 minutes.

At £25 I thought it fantastic value for money and will definitely be purchasing a few more.

Decals for this one came from Xtradecal as the code-letters were off colour-wise on the Revell sheet. Paints were from the Xtracolour enamel range and it was finished with a coat of Humrol Matt varnish.

Let's hope Revell keep giving us 1/32nd Spitfires at such reasonable prices - and roll on that P-51D!


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  1. Good looking Spitfire, Thomas, and a real bargain from Revell.

  2. Nicely done, can't go wrong for £25.00. Not bought one yet but have already added it to my Christmas list !


  3. Good-lookin' build, Thomas (nice pics, too).

  4. Awfully sharp build, Thomas. A cracking display.

  5. Great looking Spitfires, Reminds me of the scenes in 'Dunkirk'. which has great flying shots.

  6. Great looking Spit, Thomas. Beautifully painted scheme & well photographed.

  7. Very clean build, and nice shots of the two together.

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    said on August 8, 2017

    Nice lookin Spit Thomas.

  9. I saw this kit in a nearby Hobby Store. I picked it up, looked at the box and decided that I would pass on making the purchase. Now having seen how nice yours looks, I'll be kicking myself in the back side for a while for not getting it ... Hopefully I'll get it the next time I stop in the shop. If it's still there ...
    Hindsight... Yours looks simply amazing. Great work sir ! I really like it ...

  10. I have the kit and thanks to your encouragement, will be building it.

    I have arrived at the point of thoroughly NOT LIKING the Tamiya 1/32 superkits, since 90% of what I am paying for in parts will never be used or seen. This kit works, and for those who respond "but the radiators aren't right," I respond with @#$$##@! and then again, why don't you @#$$#%$^^%$$#!, and then why don't you step to the railing and take a long @##$$##@@!, nobody looks under there anyway, unless you're an International P**$ and Moan Society wienie with a penlight, in which case, why don't you @@#$#@#@!@#$%$#!

    I'm getting really tired of the serious muddlers, most of whom have no life.

  11. Tom, tell us how you REALLY feel! I'm using that "International P & M Society with a penlight" comment. And maybe a micrometer, to boot. My son, who is in the biz, says a really socially adept IT hire only looks at his shoes twice during the interview. Great line! Thanks!

  12. Very Nice. New tool? Sometimes they say new but its new release not new tool.

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