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Pucarà 1/48 Acongaua with recce drone Mirach 100/2. Cordoba, Argentina 1988. Part 2.

September 4, 2017 · in Aviation · · 25 · 5.8K
This article is part of a series:
  1. Pucarà 1/48 Acongaua with recce drone Mirach 100/2. Cordoba, Argentina 1988.
  2. Pucarà 1/48 Acongaua with recce drone Mirach 100/2. Cordoba, Argentina 1988. Part 2.

Finally I found a little time to write part 2 of the article about my Pucarà, which was ended just in time for Moson Model Show in April 2017, after 3 years of start and stop.
Here is the link to part one, in case somebody would like to have a look at the entire WIP:

Despite I carefully fill with putty all scratches for 3 times, and for 3 times I spray Model Master Primer, new unnoticed scratches needs to be filled.

Finally the time to paint the bird arrived. The Argentinian air force did not use FS colors, and to create the proper shade I used my own Tamiya/Gunze mix. At the end I had fill about 20 jar of sand, light and dark green colors. Of course only 3 of them where the proper one.
This particular aircraft display an experimental cammo, obtained adding dark green irregular bands on the original sand-light green ones. I proceed in the same way, from the lighter to the darker color, using patafix roll as masking medium. In this phase, it look a bit like Tutankamon personal aircraft.

The rest of the job was carried out in a conventional way, not much weathering, since the original subject display very clean surface and no scratches at all, Gunze clear gloss, decals, again a bit of gloss to seal them, very light wash into the recessed panel line made with artist oil color thinned in white spirit, 3 or 4 soft hand of Gunze matt.

Due to the very long and heavy, almost full, resin tail, I prefer to skratch build a robust maintenance stairs, to work as a fourth rear support. I do not really like it, but better not to risk when a model will travel from one contest to the other.

Hope you like it

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25 responses

  1. Wow, what an exceptional job you did on this kit! It really looks the part!

  2. Roberto, first rate work! Beautiful job!

  3. Now that right there is stunning workmanship, sir...(outstanding work on that seat for instance)...the entire build is simply breathtaking! VERY nice job!

  4. Some very strong, smart,tight building and painting Roberto. Two thumbs up and another contender for model of the month.

  5. stunning model mate1
    Well done.

  6. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    I always have been very much interested in the Pucarà , in my personal opinion, it packs a wallop of a punch for a prop plane ( that fact should never be one to mislead ... but still in this modern age of JETS ... one can be amazed ). The war in the MALVINAS is an example.
    Very nice work on this one Roberto, love the paint job.
    Thanks for sharing these photos.

  7. Great build! nice work on the ground equipment too.

  8. That is a beauty! Excellent workmanship and detail. I love the Pucara - have a Special Hobby kit in 1/72 to build someday... Yours will definitely be a reference!

  9. As Roberto seems to be to modest to mention: we have a Moson Gold Medal winner of the "Master Aircraft with Open Panel" category here.
    @roberto_colaianni: hope you don't mind.

  10. I don't mind Johannes,thank for mention the prize in Moson, I forgot it. 🙂

  11. ... and thank all members for watching and leave positive comments.

  12. Gorgeous work Roberto!
    I am surprised that noone put out a mainstream injection kit of the Pucara- after the Falklands/Malvinas conflict I wanted to build a model of one- it is a pretty menacing looking aircraft!
    maybe you can send pictures of your build to Hobby Boss- they seem to like putting out stuff like that lately!
    Fantastic build-an inspiration!

    • I am referring to 1/48- there have been 1/72 kits but only the resin one you tackled in 1/48...

      • You are right, none has done an injection kit of the Pucarà in 1/48, despite has been flying for long, display some very intersting camo, and has been used during the Falkland/Malvinas conflict. I believe this subject should demand something better then a Hobby Boss.

  13. I really like this one my friend ! Looks great ...

  14. A remarkable work of art. Truly masterful.

  15. Hello Roberto,
    This Pucara is a real prize winner.
    It looks fantastic. Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  16. Beautiful, Roberto! You have done a great job.

  17. What a nice build and way to present this bird! Congrats!

  18. Thaks all, gladyou like it.

  19. Well done, Roberto, fantastic attention to detail and very neat work have resulted in a brilliant model.

  20. Bravo! Just an incredible build. 🙂

  21. Roberto, your model is absolutely beautiful. Your workmanship, skill & photography too, are first class. As others have said, a top quality 1/48 injection moulded kit is way overdue. Perhaps Kinetic?

    • Rumors about a new Puca in 1/48? Maybe...
      I' m glad has not been done in 2017, I don't know how I would have react if somebody would have release a new injection Pucarà just a month after I completed resin mine! 🙂

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