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IBG 1/35 Otter light reconnaissance car

This was my first time making a kit from , and nearly my last! Although I got there in the end, the molding of the kit was slightly warped so when you came to putting the body together you needed 5 pairs of hands and you tongue sticking out the left side of you mouth while you waited for the glue to bond. I ended up having to tightly wrap it in masking tape while it set - it was quite an ordeal haha! Due to this the fitting of the front grill slates was another mission into itself that saw the 1/2 completed kit going back into its box for a month or 2 before i was brave enough to try again.

Well I finally got there and to be fair I'm pretty happy with the result. One thing I was really happy with was the amount of internal detail the kit has so with its doors open etc it looks really good (unfortunately my photography skills are not the best so cant really capture the internal detail here).

This is not a beginners kit, it did take a bit of work getting it aligned as only some parts have mounting pins to line it up, but crucially, not the main body hence the issues I had getting it to hold its shape due to all the angles in the hull pieces.

Oh and if you make this kit, get the 2 pieces that the mirrors go on and chuck them away! Save your sanity and get some brass rod and drill holes in the hull to secure it in place. The ones in the kits are so lightly attached to the front of the hull you knock them off every time you touch the kit while painting/detailing it, no matter how hard to try to avoid them. Trust me, I've lived that nightmare ;o)

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8 responses

  1. Well...despite all the "trials & tribulations" you described, it looks like it turned out pretty well from what I can see. Way to hang in there!

  2. It looks good, lots of interest for such a tiny vehicle, and, in the end, you enjoyed it.

  3. Wow - an armored upside-down bathtub on wheels! Never seen one of these (then again - I'm not a armor guy...). Nice work on it - it looks well-done.

  4. An interesting piece of armour and done well!

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