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Romanian Fighter

After all the hassle of complex conversions and difficult kits I felt I'd earned an easy build. Looking around I saw that IBG had released an early P.11B which fitted the bill perfectly. I like IBG kits - they go together easily and are [...]

First to fight IBG Big scale PZL P-11c

Well, the first Allied fighter in European WW2 skies anyway. Contrary to some accounts, the Polish Air Force was not destroyed on the ground early, but their aircraft were dispersed to designated War alert fields, having been on a war [...]

Video: New tool Fw 190D-9 "Early" 1/72 scale by IBG Modelsvideo preview

New tool 1/72 Focke Wulf Fw 190D-9 Early Production IBG Models kit No: 72531 Very nice kit, beautiful details. (Bought mine last week). DISCLAIMER: I am NOT! being paid to promote this kit, paints, tools and to make this video! [...]

First one of the Year. Polish 7TP 1/35 scale IGB.

Well how 'bout that? I finished a model. As it says, first finished this year. I have many going, but getting them done, is another story. I have always liked the looks and color scheme of this puppy. The 7TP was Poland's heavy hitter, a [...]

COVID No.12 1/32 IBG Pzl-11c

In total summation of this kit- WOW! I could not believe the plastic when I opened the box for this kit. I had built several kits of this bird over the years, but this in a totally new league of detail. The wing and fuselage corrugations [...]

Strv m/40 L (IBG 1/72)

This Swedish tank in a small 1/72 scale was just a weekend build. As a mainly aircraft modeller, from time to time I build AFV just to not get bored, and to learn something new. For example, currently I use B&W technique for the [...]

Type 3 Chi-Nu (IBG 1/72)

Just a small scale model of a WWII Japanese medium tank Type 3 Ch-Nu. Kit from IBG Models (Poland) comes along nicely and it's a perfect fit for a weekend build. Also, if you play World of Tanks - you may see Chi-Nu there. Anyway, it was [...]

ORP Kujawiak, IBG Models 1/700

Hello. This is a fine model from IBG Models and I am satisfied result. No problems during assembly. Thanks everyone. Cheers mates

IBG 1/35 Quad Bofors anti-aircraft gun tractor

My 2nd (and less stressful) IBG build. This kit went togerher very nicely compared to the Otter kit. This is a good size truck and will go nicely with the Bronco Bofor anti-aircraft gun kit when I finally get it. The biggest let down is [...]

IBG 1/35 Otter light reconnaissance car

This was my first time making a kit from IBG, and nearly my last! Although I got there in the end, the molding of the kit was slightly warped so when you came to putting the body together you needed 5 pairs of hands and you tongue sticking [...]