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Turkish Air Force F-102 Delta Dagger – Encore Models – 1/48

October 28, 2017 · in Aviation · · 15 · 3.8K

Encore Models, scale F-102 kit. Box number is 48001. This kit has totally raised panel lines on grey stiff plastic. There are some fitting problem mentioned in progress page. Wing are CASE XX wing in this box. The kit includes colored photo-etch set for cockpit and colorless photo-etch set as a detail set. The kit also includes resin detail set for cockpit, seat, air intake, radome, flight control surfaces, tires and AIM-4 missiles. Air intakes are seamless but i found some bubble over surface. It is your choice to use resin or plastic. There is same work for filling bubble on resin or filling plastic intake to make seamless. This kit can be built with or without any detail set. Because there is no big difference with resin and plastic as a shape. But you need good trim work for resin, plastic ones are almost clean parts. Kits plastic parts are well detailed like resin parts thats why i used only tire set and glare shield as resin. Kit has a sitting pilot. Canopy is optional but recommended open position because of fitting problem around clear canopy. Also there are detailed photo-etch parts for canopy area, if you make canopy closed you dont need to use photo-etch because unable to see. Main landing gear bays are well detailed also have some photo-etch detail set for that area. Speed brake and missile bay door are optional open or closed position. Also missile lunch rail can be built deployed or retracted. Resin elevons and rudder are positionable.

Pilot is from Aero Bonus.

Decals are from Hobbytime Decal – HTD 72004.

All paints are Vallejo Acrylics.

I did some corrections listed below:

All raised panel lines were re-scribed.  

Some wires were added nose gear bay to improve inside.
Case XX wings were converted to Case X wings.
Seamless air intake from plastik parts.
More detailed pilot was added.
Glareshield and its cover was added from plastic and metal tape.
Wing fins were re-builded from plastic.
External tank pylons were re-builded from plastic.
Navigation lights were detailed with addition of clear plastic.
And a lot of filling and scribing work.

Here some examples of building steps and completed photos
See you
Ugur Kenel

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  1. From this one photo, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna like this. I'll wait until you get things sorted out, though, 🙂

  2. Wow, Ugur, this is jaw dropping. It takes a champion to get something like this out of a prehistoric kit.

  3. Ugar, beautiful work! Another Monogram classic kit, which the aftermarket additions raise to a new level. Was closing up the missile bay a task? Restrained weathering, too.

    • missile bay can be build open but the detail is weak. Real F-102 missile bay is full with cable and hyraulic lines. Needs very good reference for scratch build.

  4. A very nice looking model and we'll photographed too!

  5. Nicely done. What tools do you use for rescribing?

  6. Very nice - a silk purse from a sow's ear!

  7. Fantastic result from all your hard work.

  8. Excellent work and effort - good looking model!

  9. I love to see how cheap old kits can be turned in high quality models thanks to the will and skill of the modeler!
    Considering that I am also a big fan of the F-102, I totally enjoyed this post 🙂

  10. Thanks for all your nice comments

  11. Beautiful job on a somewhat stubborn kit! Mad skills you got there!

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