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Hasegawa 1/72 Jaguar GR. Mk. 1A – Operation Granby / Desert Storm

Finished this morning. The only modifications were: Drill out the area for the nose lens and added clear sprue sanded to shape, with a depression painted sliver for the lens; drilled extra gun exhaust holes; drilled out the airbrakes and detailed the inner portion of them; drilled the sidewinder exhausts; and added PE sway braces to the outer pylons (this was a last minute decision, so failed to do so on the wing tank pylons...decided not to try to do the extra work to add those also after the fact).

I didn't really want to display with airbrakes open, but as with many old kits that are designed to build this way, they just didn't fit well at all closed and I felt it would be more work to get them to look good closed.

There were plenty of good photos of Op Granby Jags, and I mixed a custom color to get the desert pink scheme (used Vallejo Model Color paints). I used the green/grey for the paint chipping, except around the intakes. Several reference photos showed the underlying zinc chromate color there.

As mentioned in the thread, I only used panel wash for the control surfaces. I then used the CreateFX enamel stain (2 colors) for some of the staining around panel lines, airbrakes, ventral fins, etc. per reference photos. I then highlighted all other panel lines with pastel chalks, and used additional pastels for overall grunge. Underneath I used some Tensocrom, more CreateFX stain, and Tamiya weathering sets. Tamiya weathering sets also for the metal work and jet pipes.

All in all, I'm pleased with the outcome. I tried a different lighting scheme (used some video lights with a chimera) but it didn't really seem to help until I repositioned the light (some of the earlier photos). Hope to do better next time.

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  1. Thanks for participating in our "Year of the Cat" Group Build Greg. I followed along and watched your progress during the build.

    Your "Cat" turned out marvelous ! The photographs are top notch too my friend.

  2. Very nice build Greg. I really like the weathering.

  3. Meeeoow, nicely done Greg.

  4. Congrats Greg! Looks really good!
    I need to do a few more wheels up builds!

  5. I knew that was one of yours as soon as I saw the first 'headline' pic, Greg (those custom display stands you create gave it away) - 🙂
    Very nice outcome I must say...looks great.
    Ever find out why they mounted the missiles on TOP of the wings? Always did look kinda strange to me.

  6. STUNNING. The camouflage used on these Jaguars made them look even more aggressive. The over wing Sidewinders complete that aggressive look. Your weathering, general finish and attention to detail need to be commended. Well done!

  7. Great Jaguar, Greg, I love the colour scheme and your weathering is really convincing.

  8. Real nice! I always enjoy your wheels up builds.

  9. Wow Greg, this is such a cool model mate, really nice work.

  10. I've got to agree with Craig, you can tell it's one of yours!
    Great build mate, the chipping is really cool..

  11. Mean looking Jag. Nice one.

  12. Greg I love the opening image, Jag bearing left approaching target perhaps, rather a dramatic scene. Well done the colors look just right, the weathering as it appears in theatre. Slowly getting mine together. Won't be as dramatic parked on the tarmac. Hope to see how you display these in flight. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hello Greg,
    Job well done. Indeed, these aircraft looked worn out. Ferry flight from the UK and after arrival within days, they were scheduled for massive operations around the clock. You portrayed this weathered look excellent. Your setting "In Flight" finishes it off to perfection.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  14. Fantastic work Greg. I had followed your build along the way and it is great. The weathering looks fantastic and the chipping works very well. Like you mentioned the airbreaks are the little challenge and sound familiar to me as I did build that part in the same way for better looks on my Jag. The "in flight" presentation is great too!

  15. Really nice work Greg, looks really good.

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