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Next up an old friend The Monogram TBD

November 2, 2017 · in Aviation · · 10 Comments

I built this kit as a teen, my late brother was always good about getting me a kit for my birthday and I still remember getting this one when it was the hot new pressing. A while back I found an original 1974 issue of the kit. The polly bag was sealed though some of the parts had broken loose over the past 43 years, wow really 43 years? Yep I just turned 57 so that's about right! The diorama sheet seems to be the only thing missing, oh well I bet I have it around somewhere from the one I built as a boy! I built a reissue of this kit molded in the 2000s and it had quite a bit of flash, these molds are very very clean. The decals are shot so I will be using a Techmod sheet. The book with the Tom Lea painting is also an original printing of Winston Churchill's WWII History for Life Copyright 1959. I used to check it out from the library as a boy, over and over. My wife picked it up at an antique shop in LaMesa California a few years back.

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10 responses

  1. Rob you will enjoy and savor every moment on this one, myself just built one earlier this year. Just brings whats best about Monogram was all about in the early 70's. Good detail in the cockpit. The only bad thing was they had issues with the decals. Other than not caring about raised panel lines, it was a good kit. Nice features and pretty accurate. Have fun and Fly Navy.

  2. This has to be one of my favorite Monogram kits. I remember building it too when it first came out... man it has been 43 years ? Where did it go ?

    I built up an original 1974 version for the Midway Group build earlier this year. Just like you said, the flash wasn't anywhere like what you find on the later releases. Wear and tear on the molds over the years I guess. I have a few more of these left in the stash.

    Please keep us posted...

  3. Can't really go wrong with those "old" Monogram kits. Still love 'em. I did one a while back...(see here):

  4. Rob, you are ringing all of our bells with stories like that. Over and over, my modeling brothers here tell the same tale: away from modeling for decades, perhaps, but coming back to it as a way to recall good old times in a harmless way. Cheers to you, and happy building as you remember your brother.

    By the way, I built this one, too. Such a sentimental favorite with its sad but significant history at Midway.

  5. Looks like you've scored another hit with this one, Rob.

  6. Build one from the same boxing Rob. Thought it went together rather well with some nice detail. Have fun Rob, I did.

  7. Good luck, Rob. That’s a nice kit and I’ve built a few over the years. Pay attention to the top side wing/fuselage joints. Every one I’ve built has had gaps there.

  8. Looking forward to the build. Looks like you even get a plane captain.

  9. Rob, that long ago! And still a great kit!

  10. Hello Rob,
    Monogram, always good. In quality and in price.
    The modeler with a normal doses of experience can make a jewel out of this carton box. I think you will need some extra decals. But that is personally.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

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