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Here's one for G.Ley Landing Gear check! Or as we say in the USN Drop Check!

I thought Mr Ley's jack stands were just wonderful and for those that may not have seen the real think in action here is one of my C-2 getting raised up on jacks for comparison. on C-2s you always start with the mains then raise the nose. His stands are so realistic looking!

1 additional image. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Great photos, Rob. What Squadron is this C-2?

  2. Great photos!.Drop checks, even more fun on a carrier at sea. How about when all the GSE was yellow, aka 'yellow gear'.

  3. Thanks for the insight, Rob...good stuff!

  4. I was just so impressed with Mr Ley's jacks, simple yet so close the real thing!

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