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Hurry up! the enemy is coming.

December 13, 2017 · in Diorama · · 9 Comments

Did this a few years ago and was my first attempt at a diorama. The theme was my own idea and made up as I went along. The tank and truck are models and the figures are a maintenance crew also Tamiya. The wall was made out of plaster broken up into pieces and painted. The muddy ground was made of sand and small stones all mixed up with white glue and water and just spread to suit and then painted. The engine is from a Tiger but might not be the right Maybach type, I pinched it from another model where it was hidden away which seemed a waste.

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9 responses

  1. Great detail work, Robert!
    I also like that you put a crewman in the Tank Commander's hatch. Why? Louis will know. It looks like he's loafing a bit when he SHOULD be helping pull the pack. (Pack is what we called the engine: as in power Pack) But no ... he's where he can answer the radio if needed as well as keeping the rest of the operation covered with the top-mounted machine gun. Of course, like in this instance he can also "discuss" things with the others while remaining on his "guard duty." It's a small detail, but very important to a tank crew in war.

    Well done, Robert!

  2. Nice work for a "first attempt", Robert...and I like that 'wall' - very convincing. 🙂

  3. Very nice - my only thought of an addition would be some grease on the mechanics' hands! Well done.

  4. Very imaginative and creative! I wonder if they got it done in time.

  5. I agree with everyone here Robert. Looks great !

    Like Jeff mentioned, having the Commander in the hatch is a good idea... Radio Ops, manning the cupola mounted MG, plus he's in a good vantage point to offer guidance if needed.

    I know from personal experience pulling packs, that sometimes having someone available that "knows" what they're doing is a big plus. An extra set of eyes never hurts either, but his main job is as a lookout. We got to where we could pull a pack and have it on the ground in under 13 minutes in the old M-60 series tanks.

    Not a complaint or a nit pick by any means... so please don't take it this way. I would consider making the chain located on the engine somehow connect to the lifting boom and have it under a load.

    I wouldn't want to work on a heavy Mayback Tiger engine and have it fall. So I'm fairly certain they would have it supported to keep it from rocking until it was firmly located in the hull and bolted in place on the engine mounts.

    If you could add this little feature I think it would make this look even more realistic than it does... and it does look great !

    I like it a lot, Two thumbs up Sir ! Now I hope there are no marauding Typhoons or Thunderbolts in the area ...

    • The chain was on the hook but came off when I was adjusting the model for pictures, unfortunately I didn`t notice it, so slap on the wrist for not doing my health and safety checks. LOL

      • I have had things like this happen too... For example I posted a few pictures of a build here, only to notice several days later the thing was loaded with dust... Up close photography isn't very forgiving ... Take care my friend. I enjoy looking at your work.

  6. That's very nice. All the elements of a great diorama. Attention to detail, everything to the same standard (i.e., figures as good as the vehicles), and an easily-understood "story." Definitely a score for a first try at the genre.

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