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Accurate Miniatures 1/48 P-400

Just a little nudge for someone building an awesome 1/32 P-400 on iModeler. Completed this kit probably 7 years ago after deciding to build models again. Boy have I learned a lot since then. This was my first attempt at a como scheme and was done with rattle cans and brush painting. Tried some dry brushing and pastel chalks for weathering. Don't remember any real problems with the fit or alignment of the parts. However I was confused that the box said it was an AM kit, but all the parts were labeled . Like I stated I've learned a lot over the years.

This P-400 represents the aircraft, "Fancy Nancy" on Guadalcanal with the the 67thFS, 347FG. They often referred to themselves as the Cactus Air Force. There you have it,my first /P-400, and you can see glue where there shouldn't be any, and for the experts out there I have the wrong exhause stacks for the P-400. Yes, one does learn a lot as time goes on. My resoluation for 2018 is to keep glue from sticking to my fingers, keep the paint off my clothes and try to build as much of my stash before I depart his earth.

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  1. Stunning! One of my favourite WW II fighters. You did a great job on this one! Well done.

  2. Good looking 'Cobra, Toml!

    Wait until you glue yourself to the model with some CA, or discover a bright yellow fingerprint on your green camouflage. Then you're a real modeler!

  3. Among the foot in the door fighters, the snakebit P-400, repossessed from the British, who didn't want it, either. Did well at low or middle level. Lacked oxygen at Guadalcanal, did close support. Worth remembering for the courage of its pilots and the folks who kept 'em flying. Until better equipment came along.

  4. Tom, a wonderful looking model, other than the exhaust stacks (that I actually think look very sell done here), this is a beauty!
    I always thought this was a very neat, well designed airplane, if I recall, their was something about the superchargers not being allowed on these for fear of capture. Thus reducing the performance !

  5. Looks like you're off to a good start, Tom - I like it.

  6. I think Nancy looks quite Fancy, Tom. You did a great job, especially for a "RTM" work. (Return To Modeling) Well done. I don't know enough to know the difference in exhaust stacks, and I looked but couldn't see glue, so there you go!

    Will you be coming up to the Roscoe Turner IPMS show again? (Whenever it is.) I'd love to meet again for it.

  7. Looks like a very good job on that kit

  8. Your P-40 with a "Zero" on it's tail (as the pilots who flew them from Guadalcanal often called them) looks great !

    It's held up rather well over the years. We all go through a learning curve, especially when you return to the hobby after a while of not building anything.

    Back when I stopped building models there really wasn't and aftermarket for anything. You built the kit the way it came... right from the box... and that was it. After a long while of being away from the hobby due to various reasons, once I returned it was a whole new world of things.

    Much better...especially when we now have the internet to help with research too.

    I have been learning new things on each build ever since...
    Well done buddy ... I like it.

    • Thanks Louis, it's been quite a curve but I've had some fun along the way. As stated above the box was marked AM but the parts were marked Eduard. At the time I was wondering who in God's name is Eduard and why is their name on the parts.

  9. Very respectable work for a "ramp up" back into modeling! I haven't yet gotten bold enough to show my early works...! The fact that you dirtied it up and did some weathering makes it a very nice model regardless of any "mistakes." By the way, my resolutions are about the same as yours!

  10. Well Tom, how am I supposed to get any work done when you keep posting your excellent models? You’re eating up all my bench time!

  11. That is high praise indeed coming from you John. I'm not worthy but thanks anyway. That P-39/400 your doing blows my mind, keep up the good work.

  12. Great lookin build Tom. The P39/400 is a favorite of mine.

  13. Nice Aircobra! The first ever Scalemodeler magazine issue[1969 I think] I ever got, reviewed Monograms kit in this scheme. I hide my mistakes with out of focused photos.

  14. It sure looks good to me, Tom, and doubtless helped keep up your enthusiasm returning to this hobby, and, most importantly, you’ve had fun.

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