Spitfire LF Mk.IXc, MH712, flown by W/O Henryk Dygala, No. 302 Sq

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1:48 - LF Mk.IXc, MH712, flown by W/O Henryk Dygala, No. 302 Squadron, Summer /Autumn, 1944 Polish No. 302 Squadron was one of the units that participated in the invasion of Normandy in June, 1944, as can be deduced from the D-Day stripes painted on the lower sides of fuselage and wings. This aircraft was equipped with wing racks for 250lb bombs. The pointed rudder was freshly painted and so accordingly, the colours appeared darker than the rest of the aircraft. Nose art was not particularly common within the RAF, so the girl sitting on the bomb is a nice exception. There is a Polish stencil right of the cockpit door 'Wycierac obuwie' ('wipe your shoes').


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  1. One of the best weathering and detailing jobs I've seen - excellent work!

  2. Looks great!
    Beautiful paintjob.
    More pictures please!

  3. AWESOME looking Spitfire. Your weathering looks very realistic. Well done!

  4. Really great looking aircraft. Yes please post some more photos.
    California Steve

  5. Why not post your Photos here9?

  6. Very nice. One minor point (easily fixed) - Spitfires used "jablo" (a kind of pressed wood) propeller blades. A quick wipe of black along the leading edges and the model is perfect.

  7. Cheers for posting the photos. Very nice Spit.

  8. Excellent build!

  9. Love your weathering top to bottom

  10. This is a very nice looking Spitfire... You captured the look rather well. I like it !

  11. Nice looking Spitfire, just that little bit different.

  12. A lovely job. Fantastic weathering. I like the 'wipe your feet' touch!

  13. Looks like the whole squadron was wiping their feet on this ac 🙂

  14. That is a contest winner! Beautiful weathering and detail work, over the top of excellent craftsmanship. Well done!

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