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1/32 Wingnut Wings (WNW) Fokker E.VI (Late)

February 12, 2018 · in Aviation · · 9 Comments

It's hard to describe a WNW model, you need to build one to experience it to truly understand what wonderful pieces of model engineering they are. Yes, some feel they are pricey but when you really consider what you get, compared to the competition, it is a great value. You really dont need to add extra aftermarket stuff so you save a good amount of money with that advantage. Yes, there are some super detail builders out there who want to enhance it with extras, but IMHO this is really not needed. This is the 2nd WNW kit I have built.

Despite their fine engineering they are complex, and good modeling skills are recommended. If you take your time and study/follow instructions, which are complete and full color, you should be rewarded with an outstanding museum quality model aircraft. The instructions provide lots of extra support and details to enhance the building experience, and the website contains more tips/strategies to obtain some fine effects to enhance the model. For example: I learned how to create the hammered metal look on the metal cowling by taking advantage of these tips.

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9 responses

  1. That is just flat out cool! Great detail all the way around.

  2. Beautiful Paul, I love the metalwork!

  3. That's superb. Having built the E.I, I have an idea what it took to get here, and the workmanship and talent to do so is just fantastic.

  4. Excellent craftsmanship, my friend...I'm in awe of your talent(s).

  5. A beautiful build, all the way around! Well done.

  6. Paul, you did this masterpiece especially well, Sir! I love the way you did the metal covering over the machine guns & the cowl. It looks absolutely REAL!


  7. If it wasn’t for those million cables I’d fancy building the Eindecker. Still have the Albatros to build from WnW which is as you say great value for the price paid even so.
    Your Fokker is just pure delight to behold Paul, well done sir!

  8. Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely.

  9. An excellent example for some fine modeling Paul. Well done, I really like the way your E.I. came out.

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