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1/48 Gloster Meteor F.8

February 10, 2018 · in Aviation · · 28 · 2.6K

This is the second issue of the recent kit. It includes markings for two RAAF 77 Sq. Korean War veterans and a Dutch aerobatic team example. This issue also differs from the initial RAF release in that it includes eight 60lb. rockets. It is also worth noting that this kit is molded in the UK as advertised on the box top. The plastic is harder then the original kit which was molded in a softer bluish gray material in India. Many of the original kits suffered from significant warpagage. There is none of that to be seen in this release. I built it out of box with the exception of an added whip antenna on the spine cut from stainless steel wire. I also added “pigtail” ignition cords to the rockets. These are made from brass wire and a drop of white glue to represent the connector. I painted the interior with Humbrol enamels, and the exterior received an overall coat of Tamiya AS-12 airframe silver straight from the can. I brush coated the model with Future and applied the kit decals, using Future as a decal set. An airbrushed coat of Testors semigloss finished it off. I think this process replicates British High Speed Silver pretty well in . I added a bit of gunpowder residue around the nose, and reddish brown dirt on the wheels using pastels. I elected to do #854, “the Geelong Flyer”, because most will probably chose the Mig killer ”Hale Storm”. This was a very satisfying project and I intend to do another in Israeli markings.

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  1. Lovely build, John. My favourite photo is number 12, great sense of power and menace. This recent trend of factory fresh builds on iModeler is really winning me over. When I (eventually) get around to building planes again I think I'll be trying a 'less is more' approach to weathering. I realise it's down to individual preferences, but I'd like to hear whether or not people agree (pun intended, Chaz).
    Thanks for sharing, John.

    • Thanks, David. Most photos of these look pretty clean to me. I found several color photos from F.8s at Kimpo that show these aircraft non-Grundy. The trick with these silver Brit finishes is to tone the gloss down. They did get dull. I think the light staining on the nose and some dust on the wheels and rocket heads was enough. I think the panel lines are good unwashed on this one. These planes didn’t have a roadmap of dark panel lines on them.

  2. John, thanks for the review, nice clean build.

  3. Beautiful build, John...very nice work!

  4. Nicely done John, I too have used AS-12 straight from the can, it works really well. Seems that Airfix has recently made a big come back with their models. Your Gloster Meteor along with other Airfix posts on iModeler look good and get excellent remarks from modelers. Well done.

    • Thanks, Tom! It’s agreat kit. One of those models that was enjoyable from start to finish. Airfix is my favorite manufacturer these days. The engineering is unbelievably clever in most of their new kits. The 1/48 P-40 and 1/72 Whitley and Blenheim kits are real treats too.

  5. Beautiful build of an early British jet!

  6. John meant to ask, are there parts for an FR-9 in the box?

    • The clear panels for the camera windows are in the box. However, the the slightly longer , solid nose halves are not. Airfix is releasing an FR.9 later this year.

  7. Very nice, John. It’s hard to add character to Meteors because of the relatively flat metal finish, but you given it an individual look that bears closer attention.

  8. Nice inspiration, since I have just gotten this kit. Having done two of the first release, I'm looking forward to the better molding. Excellent, inspirational modeling here.

    According to the Soviet pilots who were fighting on the day Halestorm's pilot made his claim, the airplane's not a MiG-killer. Sure do wish more of the Soviet Korean War records had come loose before the archives got shut down to westerners.

  9. Great looking build.

  10. Very nice looking Meteor, I must get one of these new Airfix kits.

  11. Really nice build, came out great. Love the finish and it's cool that it was all spray can, and then brush on floor wax. Luv it! I have been really wanting to build this kit and now I really really need to build it. I am glad you added the detail regarding the 2nd issue difference. That was helpful.

  12. Beautiful build John. I wasn't aware of the differences in the kit with the later release. I think your finish for hi speed silver is spot on as is the weathering.

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