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1/48 Hasegawa Hurricane I

This is a Hurricane I flown by Robert Stanford-Tuck. I added elevators and wheels by Ultracast, Falcon rear canopy, a Yahu instrument panel, and a pilot figure bashed together from my parts box. Not happy with the snow base. Too heavy-handed. Better next time I hope.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

24 responses to 1/48 Hasegawa Hurricane I

  1. I really like all that you did with the bird and the base. Snow looks good to me. We’re all too critical,of our own work.

  2. And 1:48 on the pilot? Hell yeah you did awesome.

  3. Really nice!

    A note to those building Hasegawa Hurricanes: you need to add some filler to that area of the razorback just aft of the cockpit and the sand it down to get rid of that “step”. Of course, if you use the better and cheaper Airfix kit, “ze problem, she is solved!” 🙂

  4. John, how on earth do you get a likeness like that from “a figure bashed together from parts”? Voodoo?
    Brilliant work.

  5. Very nice work. Snow texture looks fine for me. I would suggest to add little mud and dirt on the base. Also the plane should have a slight more weathering and chipping effects (based on the original photo)

  6. Looks good John, at first I thought you had a crooked decal until I saw the pic. However, tell me you usually don’t use power saws in cutting up pilot figures. Especially like the way you paint those guys, they’re very realistic.

    • Thank you, Tom. I just use a hand micro saw to separate body parts, this one was head, torso, legs, and arms but they were already separate parts. I just looks through my body part collection to find ones that worked. Call me Dr. Fraunkensteen, I left off the young part for obvious reasons.

  7. Excellent work! the snow looks fine, nice touch with actual photos.

  8. Looks good to ME, my friend. Nice all-around presentation (maybe it snowed a lot that morning). 🙂

  9. Maybe it did! Thank you, Craig.

  10. Looks great, John! The snow is fine & not too heavy handed, in my opinion. As Craig said, it might have snowed early that morning! I like that you included the actual photo … it certainly cleared up the crooked Burma flag issue!

    Well done, Amigo!

  11. Thank you, Jeff. I have a Claude in the stash with tail codes that are slanted like that flag too.

  12. Fantastic Hurry! Nothing wrong with that snow I like it – actually You ought to write a tutorial. Congrat for the pilot figure too.

  13. John, your Hurricane looks fantastic !!! The pilot figure is one of the best I have seen in a long time. I like everything about this build.

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