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Italeri 1/48 MB326K

My done as one used by the United Arab Emirates Air Force, Police Wing, Dubai 1977.
Nice kit to build but if you are planning to do it as the SAAF Impala 2 the kit supplied rocket pods are incorrect. Also the SAAF Impala 2 did not use the wing mounted gun pods.
Paints used are Vallejo Model Colors and the light green is a Lifecolor paint.

Note on the box art for the 1/48 Italeri MB326K the Springbok/Castle insignia on the fuselage is facing the wrong way. The Springbok should be leaping towards the front of the aircraft.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses

  1. Great looking Impala, Phillip!

  2. Great result! Love the look of the 326K / Impala Mk2's. My kit arrived last week, so this, along with Spiros' SAAF version, is some great inspiration to get my A into G

    • If you are going to do the SAAF Impala II then the rocket pods need to be changed as the kit supplied ones are far to large. Also people say that the SAAF never put the wing gun pods on the Impala II. I have a photo from SAAF 4 Sqn that shows the Impala II with the gun pods on. Will copy and post it asap.

  3. Nice. Box by the way shows 1/72 not 1/48

  4. Very nice result, Phillip @phillipe50
    You did choose a beautiful scheme for this build.

  5. Great looking model, Phillip (@phillipe50).

  6. Nice build - I always love unusual schemes and markings! Well done.

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