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FRX-99 Rafe “Hammerhead” UAV (1/144, Platz)

February 6, 2018 · in Aviation · · 12 · 2.5K

So many nice models from the past history here, so maybe something else from the future …

An upcoming UAV Multi-Purpose Fighter FRX-99 Rafe "Hammerhead". Note those missiles above and below wings. (The coin only gives an indication of the small size of the model).

FRX-99 Rafe Hammerhead, (, , 2013)
The feature-rich model is a very small kit from Japanese Platz. The cast is flawless, thin and flexible plastic. Maybe a bit softer than the average. Construction instructions are well-illustrated. Comfortable to build because the fit was good. Quality decals and there are more than one hundred of them, even though the model is smaller than 10 cm (4"). I left all unnecessary "no step" "danger danger" markings out (robots and self-repairing devices does not need such warnings, autonomous war time...).

Primer using Mr Paint, painting Vallejo acrylics. Oil wash (oil+odorless turpentine) and very slight leakage and weathering.

Silent flyby on a beatiful summer day.
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12 responses

  1. NIce Rafe. Is there an option to build this as a Mave - my daughter is an anime nut (and I mean NUT) so we watch a lot of far future stuff from Japan/Korea.

    • Thank you sir. Anime might be too exotic for simple me. Separete Mave version is available (from Platz). It has a cockpit, so it is almost traditional looking. 😉

  2. And kudos for making a great job of this, in 1/144 those decals and the painting are superb.

  3. I don't know how big your coins are, but the model looks tiny anyway, your imagination has no limits. I'm sure David's daughter would be very pleased with this.

  4. Nice work - it looks menacing. Love the fly-by pic, too. 🙂

  5. Didn't Russians fly these in Spanish Civil War? And the B on the coins is for Bolsheviks, right?

    It looks so cool and so upside-down. Lovely!
    Keep on building, cheers!

  6. Pretty wild looking, but I'm pretty sure one blast from that canon thing pointing toward the rear would slam that puppy into the ground! Nicely done!

  7. Cool model. Even though I personally don't do Sci Fi subjects, I enjoy seeing them, especially if they're as interesting AND well made as this. My Sci Fi enjoyment comes from movies and Sci Fi books,like Star Wars, Star Trek, the books of Asimov, Heinlein, Herbert and so on. I like your other Sci Fi/Fantasy builds, too.

    By the way, even at high magnification on an HD screen, I can't read the coins. Where are they from? You don't say in your profile where you're located.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. They are Bitcoins, Jeff - this guy is a gazillionaire!

  9. Thank you for your happy feedbacks sirs. And please note (taxman, too) - those coins are for decoration/scale only ... 🙂

  10. Really cool build mate! I like it.

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