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1/144 Curtiss C-46

This is the newish Platz kit finished with Tamiya lacquer paints and Vintage Flyer decals. It represents a Slick Airways freighter during the late 1940s. Slick was a significant American cargo carrier between 1946 and 1966 when it was [...]

1/72 Mitubishi T-2 trainer JASDF aggressors 1985

Kit made by Platz I finished the T-2 in the instructor squadron specification, which features the Hinomaru (Japanese flag) and the aircraft number painted in fuselage-color gray. This kit is a small 1/72 scale aircraft, but it is well [...]

1/72 Platz MQ-1A Predator

The General Atomics MQ-1 Predator drone is a medium-altitude, long-range remotely piloted aircraft used by the United States Air Force and CIA from 1995 to 2018. Widely deployed, the Predator saw extensive use in Afghanistan hunting [...]

The phoenix from the ashes: the Fuji T-1A, Japan's first post-war jet

About the Fuji T-1A The Fuji T-1 is one of those aircraft designs that arouse the curiosity of aviation enthusiasts more through its attractive appearance than through its technical data. In fact, there is something most remarkable behind [...]

F6F-5K Hellcat + XAAM-N-2 Sparrow I (1/144 Platz)

Here we are in late 1940s / early 1950s, Point Mugu Test Center - Naval Air Station west of Los Angeles. First Sparrow, named XAAM-N-2 (X for experimental, A for air launched, another A for air target, M for missile, N as Navy and 2 - well [...]

Building the Platz 1/144th N1K2-J Shinden-Kai “Early Version”

Every once in a while I stray from my "keep it simple" path and travel down the less-traveled road. Bear in mind that I have reached an age where I got rid of most of my 1/72d scale kits because I could neither see or accurately [...]

1-35 Dragon Platz Pz Kpfw IV Ausf D

I built this Panzer about a year ago. I had built several 1/35 Dragon armor kits over the years and always felt they where some of the most extensive and detailed kits of both old and modern armor. But, this extensive detail came at a [...]

FRX-99 Rafe “Hammerhead” UAV (1/144, Platz)

So many nice models from the past history here, so maybe something else from the future … An upcoming UAV Multi-Purpose Fighter FRX-99 Rafe "Hammerhead". Note those missiles above and below wings. (The coin only gives an [...]

A Nice Pair of Juuu… Thunderbolts.

I've read a number of good reviews of the Platz 1/144 kits and at a recent contest I ran across a good deal at a vendor table so I decided to give one a try. In the box you get two complete kits with three marking options. The build was [...]