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Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale Scratch Build, Part 8

Well in the spirit of Rob Anderson, I decided to have a craft beer while I was taking pictures for part 8 of this build, I picked up a few bottles of beer when my Wife and I, as well as our dog Baily took a drive to the West Coast this week end, and we stopped over at a place called Darling, and the brewery was naturally called Darling Brewery, this brand is called Rogue Pony, and it sure kicks like one,

Back to the build so far,

I was planning on doing the cockpit detail, and instead started with the undercarriage, there are not much pictures on the net, so I zoomed in on some pictures, and also used the planes for scale and size.

Firstly I cut out the shape of the landing gear struts, 4 off and laminated them together, when that was dry, sanded them to shape. I then made the undercarriage hydraulic cylinders out of brass and aluminum rod.
I then made the nose gear strut out of Brass and aluminum tube, added a bit of detail, and installed the strut.

This does not sound like much, but it was a lot of work to get it to look ok.

I am going to make and aircraft that has been bought by the French Air Force, hence why I have already painted the propeller, I think it look pretty cool.

Off to the DRC tomorrow for a week and a half, then I will get building again.

Hope you like the progress so far.


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14 responses to Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale Scratch Build, Part 8

  1. Progressing famously, sir….you are a true modeler in every sense of the word.

  2. Coming right along! Nice choice on the color scheme – that’ll look great when done.

  3. Thats a mean looking aircraft Marc and will look fantastic in that scheme.

  4. Keep up the great work Marc! Looking fwd for the next pilatus post… Have a good time in DRC!

  5. You’re keeping up a high standard of work on this project, that beer obviously helps.

  6. Wow Marc !!! The details in the landing gear bays, AND the actual landing are simply amazing………….. I’m glad you picked the color scheme you did. I was hoping for that one.

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