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1/350 IJN Yamato

Hello Everyone,

As soon as I heard about this forum, I immediately joined as I always wanted to share this hobby with others. I am currently on a short hiatus in plastic modeling but I wanted to share a couple models that I've made in the past years. First of the series is scaled which I made a number of years ago. Kit is detailed with Pontos detail set and is airbrushed using primarily paints. Kit is Tamiya 1/350 Yamato New Tooling.

Thanks for watching!

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37 responses

  1. Yamato rules! A very fine build John, congratulations, must be huuge in this scale...

  2. Excellent model, and a brave man who will tackle Pontos aftermarket as well as this complex kit. Well done!

  3. Very very impressive. I would love to see more of your work. I am in awe of ship models but tackle very few. I admire and marvel a good builders like yourself.

  4. Welcome to iModeler...and what a great first post THIS is! I love it! 🙂

  5. Good job! Brother!
    Maybe you must be a Seo who I know.

  6. Wow is right! This is a modeling work of art!

  7. Very well built, painted, rigged and weathered.
    You got it all together.
    One small point of criticism though. You've achieved a very well balanced weathering above and below the waterline, but the propellers are shining like polished brass. If you tone them down with green and brown washes, they would conform better with the overall beat up look of the ship, I think.

  8. Out of this world ship! I need to go back and practice my Naval modeling skills b/c your ship, and a few others posted today are just killing me! Great job and lets see you get going on another new build. No more breaks from Modeling.

  9. Very nice! Very realistic weathering.

  10. As everyone else has said - a superb model.

  11. We are being spoilt with ship models these days, a really impressive build!

  12. Indeed John, as the others have already said... What a great build. I like it all, but especially the rigging. Very subtle.

  13. Stunning job, really very nice work, congrats.

  14. An impressive work, sincere congratulations. I would like to build the same model, I saw around on the web and I think that what I like best is your ship. I resume building after many years of inactivity and I would like to use new pictorial techniques. can I ask you some advice on what colors did you use for the different parts ?, how did you give that faded light effect on the sides?
    Thanks so much.
    Regards Luigi

    • Hi, thank you for your kind words. For the color, it's actually all the same, Tamiya Acrylic IJN Grey Kure Arsenal. I used pre-shading and highlighting to make certain parts of the ship stand out and that it doesn't look like just a big grey blob. As for the faded light effect on the sides - that was part of weathering that I do and I use some white pastel to represent dried salt on the hull as if it was pulled out of the ocean. It's actually not too noticeable in real life but the lighting really accentuates it in the pictures.

  15. Should you ever decide to sell this I'm your buyer 😀

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