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March 15, 2018 · in Show Reports · · 12 · 2.3K

Three years ago, I took part in in Vienna, the annual modeling show and contest of IPMS-Austria.

What makes this event so special is the location in which it is held; das Heeresgeschichtliche Museum Österreichs, the Military Museum of Austria.

This is not any old military museum. This is the military museum of what used to be one of the major powers of Europe, the Habsburg Empire. You feel history breathing down your neck when you enter the museum. It's a very special feeling to exhibit ones models in this environment. What happens is, that some sort of synergy effect develops, where the exhibits of the permanent exhibition enhance the impression of the model exhibition and vice verse.

On the downside, the lighting in the museum leaves something to be wished for, which makes photographing difficult. Many exhibitors know this though, and bring their own lamps.

This year, I had the pleasure of getting to know Wolfgang Wurms and to exhibit my models next to his. He specializes in battleships in 1:200 and I've been an admirer of his works, since I first saw photos of them.

I also met Chloé Plattner, who I had the pleasure to get to know last time I was here. Since last time she had finished this scratch built flying wing. Exquisite modeling.

The museum, as mentioned, is very much worth visiting. Especially the section that deals with the First World War. The car in which Crown Prince Franz Ferdinand traveled when he was shot, the uniform he wore and the pistol with which Gavril Princip shot him are exhibited.

It's a caption of the moment that sparked the First World War, the original disaster of the 20th century which led to the falls of the Habsburg Empire, the German Empire, the Russian Empire and the Ottoman empire. This in turn led to the rise of communism and fascism, and the division of the middle east into artificial countries, which is the root of many of the conflicts in the middle east today. As you know, it led to the Second World War as well.
It gave me goose skin to see these exhibits.

The model exhibition was very varied, with models of all kinds of subjects made from all kinds of materials. I was too lazy to be organized in my photographing, I just photographed what caught my eye. The light conditions in the museum made photographing difficult, so the quality of the pictures isn't always what you would wish for, but I hope you'll enjoy the them all the same.

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  1. Ulf, excellent show and some nice photographs despite the poor lighting conditions.
    Have been in Wien at least 5 times and was until now unaware of this museum. Bookmark for a future trip there. Thanks for sharing

  2. Excellent skills on view.

  3. Outstanding! I see what you mean about where it's located but it is an amazingly beautiful setting. Despite the lighting issues, your photos are great! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ulf, unbelievable! If I went there, they'd have to frogmarch me out! Amazing things on display, both the museum and the models. Thanks for going and for posting. As great as last year!

  5. Looks like a beautiful museum! The model exhibits are great.

  6. Great stuff, Ulf...thanks!

  7. Fantastic place for an exhibition, I just love those large ship models. Thanks for sharing, Ulf.

  8. Simply outstanding modeling. Thanks for posting Ulf, I really enjoyed Chloe's wing, it's a fantastic build.

  9. Great Modeling! Love that German Wing Fighter...WOW!

  10. What a special location for a modelshow. Fantastic work on display in all categories, just great! The museum will be on my "to visit" list as I was unaware of this.
    Thank you for sharing Ulf.
    Cheers, Ferry

  11. Wow - literally every model there, to such high standards. Amazing.

    Yeah, I'd have gotten goose bumps too, seeing that WW1 exhibit. Indeed, the seminal moment bringing on the most violent century in history.

  12. Thank you for posting this, Ulf. I think the replies to this thread reflect hugely of the quality on show and the significance of the museum exhibits. A beautiful and thoughtful place to be on several levels. Your photos are excellent.

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