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F6F Hellcat Diorama (1/48) – “Anatomy of a cat”

Hello everybody,

this is my first submission to iModeler, and I hope you like it.
This tiny virtual museum diorama features Jasmine’s awesome “skeleton” Hellcat. I’ve added an Eduard R-2800 engine – which is quite challenging – and other goodies.
The carrier base is from Skunk model works, the Tiny Tim rocket as well as the scooter are from PlusModel, the “visitor” from Reedoak.

I usually prefer building Jets over Props, but that Hellcat was a “must have” …

The diorama will be displayed in the competition of the forthcoming Euro Model Expo in Lingen (Germany), so please wish me luck 🙂


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28 responses to F6F Hellcat Diorama (1/48) – “Anatomy of a cat”

  1. How cool is this cat! Amazing detail… Did you solder the PE or used cyano glue? Good luck in Linden!

  2. Thank you very much! I exclusively used cyano glue (MX Bon 105), which worked very well, since the PE parts are made of steel, not of brass.

  3. Fantastic modelling, welcome to iModeler, Bernd. Judging by the look of this you won’t need too much luck in the competition.

  4. Hahaha, thanks a lot, George!
    BTW: It was my first model using PE parts 😉

  5. Very nicely done, Bernd. There a real sense of interest in this for the viewer; it’s unusual, beautifully made, and the composition (museum setting) gives it a feeling of being ‘out of time’ that (literally) adds another dimension to the diorama.

    I’m of the same mind as George – you don’t need too much luck.

  6. David, thank you for your kind words!

  7. Well there are no Skeletons in the closet with this build just a bare bones project.
    To the point and very direct in showing what it takes to make a Hellcat.
    Bernard how long did it take you to make this project and how did you keep all of ribs true with the main spars? Grumman had the nick name of the iron works it looks like we can nick name this build Bernd’s Steel works.

    Two thumbs up on this one. Looking forward to seeing more of your work and good luck at the show.

  8. Hmmm, to be honest keeping the ribs true with the main spars was quite simple, because the part’s fit is awesome! If you make mistakes when building the kit, don’t blame Jasmine, because their engineering is close to Tamiya. However, the instructions are a nightmare…
    Much more challenging than the main build was the integration of other goodies like the Eduard engine and the Aires gun bays etc.

    All in all it took me ca. one year (I think in total approximately 500 hrs).

    “Bernd’s Steel Works”! Great proposal! 🙂

  9. Great detailing, and a real triumph of modelling.

  10. Well done Bernd, looks really great and good luck at the Model Expo. And welcome to iModeler.

  11. It seems all of my accolades, phrases & praises have already been mentioned by all of the above. I can only echo the sentiments of my fellow modelers (including the iModeler ‘welcome’)….stellar craftsmanship, sir. A show winner for sure! 🙂

  12. Gentlemen, I’m honestly impressed by your compliments! Once again thank you very much!

    For those of you who are interested seeing more of my work, you may take a look at my Spit diorama also:—by-Bernd-Ebeling—Hagenburg-Germany

  13. stunning kit…just beautiful. The whole project is just stunning. Love to try a model like that.

  14. Well now that is a Grand Slam first time up, incredible!!

  15. Words fail me.

    Wow. Talk about having patience. Nice job.


  16. bernd,
    What can I say that has not already been said. My hat is off to you. this is absolutely stung. I commend you on your skill and your commitment to detail. Not only is the Hellcat a superb example of your skills but just looking at the diorama itself, the metal fencing, the scooter and the layout itself is a work of genius. Again, Hats off….

  17. Beautifully done, intricate work. Very eye-catching and fascinating to hold the viewer’s interest.

  18. There is an element of magic in the innovation and vision here Bernd – and then you go and deliver the technical detail too! As has been said – no luck needed.

  19. Outstanding! A great job, Bernd.

  20. You sir, are in serious need of being fitted for a straitjacket! 🙂

    Wow. Amazing work. I’d never even think of attempting it.

  21. So freaking cool!

  22. Bernd, I’ve tried to find a compliment for your Hellcat that hasn’t been used, so I just restate that it is a fabulously outstandingly piece of work, far beyond the skills of ordinary mortals.

  23. WOW, so cool. Good luck with the competition, its a sure winner in my book.

  24. Stunning! Welcome to iModeler, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work…

  25. Bernd, that is very nice. With a build like that, and your obvious skills, you certainly won’t need luck at the show. Best of luck anyway. 🙂

  26. Great work Bernd – not sure how I missed this first time around!
    I love the skeleton in the museum idea!

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