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Mk.23 MTVR USMC Cargo Truck: Tow Vehicle for my M198 155mm Gun

March 5, 2018 · in Armor · · 8 · 2.3K

Last week I posted my build of the 155mm Howitzer Gun. I received some good feedback and some asked if I built something to tow it. This article is a response to that question. Yes, I put a good amount of time into this Mk.23 Truck by trumpeter. Problem is I built the 155mm in a firing configuration b/c it looked so cool that way so I never was able to hook the two together as planned. Would not have a display case big enough to hold the two together anyhow.

The Trumpeter Mk.23 is a great model with fantastic level of detail. Although it does not include a full engine, and, it does not include the tarp cover. Trumpeter please dont show your box art that does not accurately represent what is in the box, especially such a significant feature. Also the kit supplies the .50cal gun ring but no .50cal. Not a big deal for me.

Regarding the build the model had no significant surprises and went together well except for one area related to the cab sitting on the frame. There was this one frame structural element which played a large role regarding how the whole cab sat on the frame. The instructions did not properly illustrate how to attach this crucial element and based on the information obtained I did the best I could to place it. I did the best I could with some dry-fitting of the cab but Cab was not assembled at this stage. Thought it would be fine. Well it was not right and I needed to do some surgery to fix, and get the cab to sit carefully. I also felt the hood assembly needed more support sitting on the frame in order to align securely with the cab section. Sort of a fiddly fit for such a prominent feature.

I enjoyed myself weathering and finishing the model using all acrylic paints by Vallejo and Ammo/Mig. I also used AK interactive and Tamiya washes and filters as a final step. Chipping was done mostly with a brown/chocolate paint and dark aluminium applied using the old fashion sponge method. Finally I did a lot of dry-brushing over the entire vehicle using a lighter version of the base color. Overall a decent enjoyable build with minimal issues. Hope you enjoy the photos and all comments are welcomed.

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  1. Nice piece of work, Paul...I like it. 🙂

  2. Perfect companion for your howitzer. That cargo truck does need the tarp though. Amazing that Trumpeter didn't include that. Regardless that truck looks excellent. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Well done Paul !
    One of the firefighter's I used to work with was a "Gun Bunny" with the USMC during Desert Storm. Your 155 MM looks just like the one he helped operate. It's odd they would show a tarp on the box art, but then not provide one...
    Two thumbs up Sir !

  4. Hello Paul,
    Fantastic build of this strong workhorse.
    Yes, I asked the question regarding the tow truck.
    Question answered. Still, it would be a nice diorama, to put the two together.
    Even in the firing position.
    If it is possible, make some combined pictures ans share these with us.
    Highest Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

    • Hi Dirk, Sorry but both models have been sold off to customers. I even made a destroyed Middle East Dwelling to display the two together. I also had troops carrying supplies from the truck to the cannon. Here is a picture of that dwelling. That is gone also. I started selling models b/c I no longer had a safe place to display and store them, and I left my job so I use this to generate some income. I am happy that other people get to enjoy and display my models. They have been sent all around the world.

      3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  5. very nice! Great weathering and detailing.

  6. Outstanding, Paul! This is great. I'm happy you can make some money from your models but if I could do a model that well, I'd never want to part with it!

    I'll bet the truck, gun and destroyed building looked very good together.


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