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The P-47 Factory

March 13, 2018 · in Aviation · · 19 · 2.2K

I have received a few requests for WIP of one of my builds.
The pics show what I have done in the last 3 days, probably a 1-2 hour stretch of modelling on those days. I have been fiddling with my Airfix P-51D and a few tidy ups on the paint job, so in between that I pulled out a few P-47's to make a head start on a few future projects. I did have a few cheats, mainly the cockpits for all of the above which were already completed.
When I do cockpits for the P-47's I will often do multiples as using same paints etc. I mass produce sub assemblies just like the real P-47 was built. I have boxes with seats, wheels, props, engines, bombs, drop tanks etc, already built to help keep me moving. I will start a WIP thread in the appropriate group for those who want to look on while I bang out another P-47. The next P-47 will be the razorback with wings on in markings "The Pied Piper". Questions welcome!

Happy Modelling

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  1. A true production line, Darren. No wonder you have a ton of P-47s posted here.
    That picture is what obsession means 🙂

  2. All I can say is "Wow"! And, "How much shelf space do you have?" Any chance you'll ever become a B-36 factory? 🙂

    What group will your WIP be in? I'd like to follow it.

  3. That’s impressive, Darren. Everytime I’ve tried the assembly line method, I’ve gotten bogged down. Recently tried it with two 1/48 Rafales. It still took me two months to finish them. Looking forward to seeing your next batch of Jugs!

    • Hi John
      What will happen now is that I will work on one P-47 to the the finish, and in between painting, will spend time on building the wings, flaps etc on the others. I also plan to build a few other types this next 12 months, so the P-47 build count will be somewhere between 3- 5, depending on my modelling time.

  4. Great to see Darren - exactly how many are you building?
    I presume they are all Tamiya - love to see all those seats in production!

  5. Ambitious, Darren! Heck, I have trouble finishing the ONE F6F-3 I have started! Obviously, you have a plan that works for you. Keep up the good work. I admire the organization of it all.

    We've seen Gardner's Iron Works and Wurger Werks, now a P-47 Production Line; What comes next? The person who does a Monogram 1/48th B-29 assembly line build will win the prize ... whatever that may be. (Probably a new room big enough to work in!) LoL!

  6. That's how you do it !

    Good job Darren. I recently finished up 4 Hasegawa F6F's, two AMT / Amtech P-40's this way and right now I'm working with 4 Tamiya Focke-Wulf 190's using the assembly line method.

    For me it works great when I'm painting the same colors, but I got a little bogged down with the final finish on the F6F's, since each one of my Hellcat planes were painted different. I'm hoping the 190's go faster as they share a lot of the common colors.

    I would really like to see the building log on these T-bolts. I would follow along with it for sure.

  7. I dunno, Darren...even when I was on my Phantom 'kick', I'd do one complete kit and move on to the next, with each one a little different than the others. I think I'd become, as someone said, "bogged down" trying your method. But hey - whatever works for ya, my friend. besides, I wouldn't have the space to do it your way ...(but I like it) - 🙂

  8. Egad! Looks like Farmingdale, LI. back in the day! I'll bet you have markings for all of them, too! Inspirational! Shame my get up and go got up and went!

  9. That is a real cool process. Did not know u did a whole batch at one time. Seems like fun. Nice Build!

  10. Darren, if you ever feel like talking about it..

  11. Well, Louis was my assembly line hero - until now! I am considering doing 2 or more Phantoms at the same time - we'll see if I get the gumption! I look forward to seeing all these come together via the WIP thread.

  12. All of them Tamiya, I don't even have one yet, and I am working on picking up at least one of each of the Tam P-47's. The most I would start on would be 2 at a time as I have other projects going on as well. Good stuff.

  13. Darren, rather than trotting out the predictable line about obsessions with Jugs, let me just say I'm really looking forward to seeing your work develop.

  14. That's a serious investment in plastic ($50/per in the US).

    • Hi Tom, Yes I have a bit of capital invested in the P-47's, though I buy a lot from OS and always on lookout at club meets and model show swap / sell tables. The bank balance will take a hit if Tamiya ever release the P-47N...

  15. I must try this idea sometime, not sure what with though.

  16. Darren, you finally drown under a sea of Jugs?


  17. Hi David
    A few personal matters have seen a change in priorities, still working on a P-47 and hope to finish this one in next 2 weeks all going well. Will post pics once she is done!

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