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Iconic Fighter Plane Model: Hasegawa 1/48 F-4S USMC Scheme

This is one of my favorite models of my favorite jet fighter in one of my favorite schemes. Through most of my childhood, and early adult life, I wanted to do one thing. Fly F-4s for the . I could not think of a cooler thing to do. Well, what happened? I got close but no cigar. Thats a long story for another day. Well, if I could not fly one I wanted to make a decent model of what my could of looked like. I wanted this model to have that rough rider, rag-tag, hard working look that I envisioned my F-4 would of looked like back in the early 80s prior to a transition to F-18 Hornets. It had to be a mean looking fighting machine. So with all my passion and enthusiasm I put this model together. I built this kit about 8 years ago and I no longer own it. It was sold off a few years ago. I came across these pictures so thought I would post them. I recall using a few after-market kits to enhance the base model such as a resin cockpit set, and resin exhaust nozzles. I also recall using a significant amount of exterior PE to insure it had the changes that a late-model incorporated in the "S" variant. I also recall this was the 1st model I built that had the low-vis Navy/Marine camo, and the 1st time I had attempted to weather a model in this scheme.

In summary I was very happy with the outcome but for some reason never made another. I have the newer Academy kit of the F-4 sitting in my stash just waiting to be built. I also collected several after-market accessory packs to enhance the model. I will make sure I post build photos if I ever get around to making her. It would most likely be done in the traditional Navy high-vis scheme decals that come with that kit.

17 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Nice work, favorite kerosene burner as well. I love it.

  2. Well, I have little more to add. If there is one expert on F4s it must be Craig. Well done Paul!

  3. Semper Fi, same dream except flying F-14's for the Navy. Instead ended up becoming a rotor head which is fine with me as I loved the opportunity regardless. I have built 2 of the Hase F-4's with 2 more in the stash along with an Academy F-4. One of those F-4's on display at NAS Meridian training center. (F-4B first issue) . That is a very nice scheme by the way. As I do plan to start building at least one Phantom a year, starting next year, as I have a full plate now. And pick up one of those Zuiki Mura (most likely mispelled) kits along the the way. Thanks for sharing,

    Fly Navy

  4. Beautiful Phantom! Also my favorite (my dad flew them). I've got a total of 18 or so either in stash or built, and have plans for at least 2-3 this year among other builds. Great scheme and weathering - looks to me like you got it right!

  5. Nice work, but you gotta get a camera you can focus with. Hard to tell how nice the model is.

  6. Great job. I like that kit a lot. I still prefer it to Academy. 1/48 Esci F-4s are nice too.

  7. Great work here, but like Tom says, need to get better focus with the camera.

  8. Paul, if you're using a cell phone, try backing up about 6 ft. / 2 m away and use the zoom feature. If you can get farther away, try that too. Your Depth of Field will improve somewhat. The fly in the ointment (so to speak - about using a cell) is the flash. You'll need more light than a cell can "throw out" sometimes. This is just a small suggestion. I'm NOT Mr. Photographer, I'm just a "snapper." Tom Cleaver and others know a lot more about photographing these things than I do.


  9. A Phine Phantom! Looks great. I myself got to phix Phantoms, Navy' J 'birds, VMFA 333 was our sister squadron on Nimitz in '76. way before the subdued schemes.

  10. A phabulous Phantom every which way you look at it. Well done. I like the weathering on this Pantom. Well done!

  11. Love the low vis color scheme. Nice job.

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