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NOREASTCON 47 scale model show. Sat.April 28

April 28, 2018 · in Show Reports · · 18 · 2.2K

Some photos of the event held at The Museum of American Armor In Bethpage Long Island NY. One diorama looks remarkably familiar, although I didn't run into its creator.

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  1. Quite the eclectic list of entries there, Robert - don't see many Stiletto builds.

  2. Is the Japanese soldier still lurking under the palm trees? Seems to have made good his escape...or he's hiding even better now.

    As Craig said, that's an eclectic collection. It seems to me that the subject matter is definitely widening in the shows these days. Don't know if reflects us getting further down the timeline from the wars or just a general shift in tastes, or maybe (hopefully) more people coming into the hobby.

    • Yeah the diversity grows. The Sci-fi sections and dioramas were really crowded. I was an aircraft judge and very glad not to have done these areas. The "Aliens" dio (3rd row no. 2) was unreal. A very good show was had.

      • Being a bit of a sci-fi buff (specialist subject; 50's 'B' movies) I think it's great to see this area of modeling grow. As a judge, do you have any sense of what 'younger' people are building - is there a move away from war subjects?

        • Sci fi is growing but it's still warlike, Gundams and "Nue-German" stuff is common. One was a futuristic junk transport based on a Mk I WW1 tank, pulling a shot-up vehicle of some kind. Weathered to the nines and quite imaginative.

    • yes there is one Japanese soldier hiding under the trees in there - just can't see him from that angle (he is hiding very well 🙂
      that was my Spitfire dio (posted here first 🙂 )

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

      • Hi Paul. I know it's your dio - which is why I asked about the soldier; I liked and commented on your posting of this model here on iModeler. I love the 'grey nurse' and it is absolutely my favourite spitfire in terms of mark and colours.

        Hope all's well and look forward to seeing more dioramas?

        • Thanks David
          I had a lot of fun with that diorama. Had it in my head initially to do something similar with a Boomerang (inspired by the Special Hobby boxart), but this is where I went instead.

          I want to do the 1/48 Eduard kit in similar markings now. I understand the 48th is a bit easier to build than the 72nd - this one gave me a fight, but probably more due to operator error than anything else. I'm also a big fan of that scheme

          • As soon as I saw it I recognized it from iModeler, I ask one of the officials to show me your name.

  3. NY the city that never sleeps and seems to be building quite a few good models in the meantime... Thanks for posting Robert!

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    said on April 29, 2018

    Thanks for posting Robert.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Robert. I like the Revell 747-400. You rarely see those because they’re a bear to build. The wings are almost butt joins with only very small located tabs, and I’ve never seen one which didn’t feature warped fuselage and wing parts.

  6. Thanks Robert. I love the 1:1 scale howitzer.

  7. Some nice-looking stuff on the tables! Really like the Warhawk - but then I love those desert schemes.

  8. Yes, there was a LOT of great stuff on the tables. Think the judges had their hands full with this group. The guys there put on a really great show, and in a perfect setting too!

  9. Good spread of subjects and talent. Note sure No. 16 would have made it through though, elsewhere, as most shows are promoted as ‘Family oriented’ and some people take exception. There was one similar at Milton Keynes recently and someone draped a ‘shawl’ around her. ?

  10. Interesting, isn't it. You can have an exhibition full of killing machines, monsters, dioramas with eviscerated men, and weapons of mass destruction, but as soon as you show a little...female flesh, someone throws a shawl over 'it'.

    Not a personal opinion here, just an observation.

  11. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Robert, looks like a good, friendly show.

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