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Revell 1/72 Bf-110 G-4 Hungarian Night fighter

September 24, 2021 · in Aviation · · 21 · 3.3K

This is a VERY old kit. The plastic had a few raised lines, the radar was very thick and clunky, and there was not a shred of detail in the cockpit.

So...started by sanding off all the raised lines, in prep for scribing and riveting the aircraft. I added a couple of IPs to the cockpit and some throttles and sidewall details (most of which you can't see once the THICK canopy was plopped on), and 3 crew members. In regards to that canopy, I had purchased a canopy mask set for some other brand kit - just hoping it would come close to matching - but no such luck. The raised detail on the canopy was so thick, that I just decided to sand the canopy down flat and use the mask set. Unfortunately, it is kinda obvious that this canopy was much wider than the one the set was intended for as the lines between panes are over-thick, but I think it probably came out about as nice-looking as if I'd masked this one with the original raised frames without a mask set.

I opened up several intakes and vents beneath the wings, added the gun ports beneath the nose, and drilled out the 3 ends of each exhaust and the gun barrels. I used Albion Alloy slide-fit aluminum tube for the pitot.

I replaced the probe and cross-piece sections of the radar with a brass set (don't remember the brand) - that was kind of tough in this scale. They included a spare set of probe and cross pieces so I attempted to weld them, but I don't have a small enough soldering set, so used super glue. I got all the way to the last thing I was doing before I doinked one of the cross pieces off, and had to glue it back on with Gatorgrip Glue since I couldn't use the jig I'd created to line everything up once it was on the aircraft. Although I like the look of these fine brass pieces, they are really challenging to work with in this scale.

I saw an image of this bird with markings and really liked it, so painted on the fuselage and upper wing markings and used decals for those beneath the wings. I used AK Real Colors paint, Mig Panel line washes (2 shades), and then weathering with AK pencils, Liquitex acrylic inks (mostly the faded dirt tone on the underside, and on the underside of the fuel tanks), and the usual pastel chalk powders. Chipping with aluminum paint and silver pencil.

I included a couple pics of what I started with on the interior, and the few details I added.

This was a group build double entry - for the build and the build.

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  1. Great job, Greg! Nice display.

  2. Greg, @gkittinger, that is a really nice job on what is clearly an inferior kit. Your scribing, and paint work along with the small but important details added really make it look great. I really like the paint scheme also, and you executed it nicely in such a small scale. Well Done!

  3. Greg, Way to make a beauty out of a beast. I really like the paint scheme and markings !

  4. Greg: A very impressive effort to revive an old kit to modern standards. Fantastic paint and weathering work.

  5. Wow! That is so nice Greg. Seriously great modeling work dude! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Beautiful work, it came out looking great! This is actually Frog kit, Revell started using their moulds and boxing their kits after Frog closed their doors.

  7. This plane looks terrific, Greg (@gkittinger). Lots of work to bring this guy along, but all the work has really paid off. Nicely done.

  8. Gregโ€™s magic again? You really know how to โ€œbeatโ€ old kits and turn them into real gems. This one is stunning, nothing less than that

  9. Amazing job on this oldie of a kit, Greg!
    Greg's magic again, indeed!

  10. Another great one again Greg. On the box cover it says "molded in color". That seems kind of funny since the plastic looks like light grey.

  11. Amazing build. Very clean looking Greg.

  12. Glad to have confirmation I thought it .looked like the old Frog kit, which IIRC was the only-ever Bf-110 night fighter in 1/72. I remember doing one back in the days when we had to be very careful wending our way bacl to the home cave from the hobby cave, dodging the hunting Tyrannosaurs.

    Beautiful work and result with a far-less-than-stellar kit. The paint work is superb.

  13. Nice work, Greg!

  14. ๐Ÿ™‚ ... Greetings ... ๐Ÿ™‚ :
    A very attractive and alluring build Greg.
    It stands out just as it is.
    The slight weathering gives this old Revell build a new life as well as the fine camouflage painting.

  15. Nice one Greg. I started modelling doing 72 scale and remember doing this one. It sure didn't turn out as nice as yours.

  16. Impressive build, Greg @gkittinger
    You turned this oldie into a great looking 110.
    The scheme is beautiful and also the weathering is awesome.

  17. Very smart work, Greg, and a[nother] walk down memory lane for me!

    I loved this kit when I was a youngster, although, even then, the Frog offering was never coloured plastic anytime I bought the kit, unlike for example, the old Matchbox kits, which were very difinitely muli-coloured plastic offerings.

    Anyway, an excellent outcome... great colour scheme, and I like the base as well.



  18. Impressively detailed and complex improvements on such a small scale airplane ! Very nice results.

  19. Amazing build Greg, fantastic result.
    Everything about this build is impressive - the paint, the scribing, the antennae!
    You brought that ol' Frog/Revell molded kit right up into the 21st Century, it's like a time warp or something!

  20. Very nice! Great color scheme and your signature stand! I think Monogram made a 110 way back in 1/72.

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