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3,7 cm PaK 36 , Kiew, Sommer 1941, 1/35

May 11, 2018 · in Diorama · · 14 Comments

Hello, this is my latest creation, this is a 3.7cm German anti-tank gun. The model is from the Russian company , the figurines I tried to remake to get as close as possible to the attached photo. With this model, I have achieved my greatest success so far and that bronze medal at the Moson competition. Roman.

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14 responses

  1. Awesome, Roman! Congratulations on the Bronze award. You have the talent of a true master, Sir.

  2. Stunning model, you gave my gold vote on this one!

    I both like and share your approach to dios: You start from a picture and then try and reproduce it as realistically as possible in scale. In a way, you convert a 2D image to 3D reality in scale... great to look at your model when your eye is about at man-height in 35th scale...

    Great work!

  3. Thank you, Michel. I have included some photos from the course of construction, tomorrow I will have some time and describe the materials used, Roman.

  4. Very nice to see "the making of...". What grass material you used? Looks very realistic!

  5. As the base of the lawn I used a foliage from the Czech producer Polák and I added some individual grass tufts in order to break its uniformity.

  6. Your dioramas are some of the best I've seen. Great work, my friend.

  7. Well done. Inspirational work.

  8. Thank you very much, gentlemen.

  9. So, there is something to do with the production of the pad. As a base I used an extruded polystyrene to which I roughly cut out the opening for the future trench. The pink mass, which is the modeling mass of Krea, which solidifies in the air, does not need to be heated anyway, and for this purpose it fits perfectly. I applied the AK products to the field, I added several differently grained aquarium sands to create the effect of the soil. I let everything dry out and dotted it with various “earthy” washing companies of AK. For the production of the lawn I used the foliage of Polák as a basis, but I wrote it here, for the production of individual stalks of grass scattered around the trench, I used static grass and a torn “sea ball”, and on its fixation I used the classic dispersion adhesive Herkules. In the final I was overlaid with an ultra-matt lacquer from the AK.

  10. Hello Roman,
    My compliments on this beautiful diorama (Model and scenery). I enjoyed your pictures with the complete buildup.
    Great painting on the figurines.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  11. Hello, Dirk. Thank you very nice, you really enjoy the man when he likes his work, Roman.

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