Battle of Teutoburg Forest

May 4, 2018 · in Figures · · 19 · 2.2K

Images created during 2018 Moson Model Show at the iModeler booth.

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  1. Romani Ite Domum!

  2. Djordje, this is great! Really well done painting of the figures. Well done!

  3. Great first post, hat's off to anyone who can figure paint this well.

  4. One of the great turning points of history, and carried to its full end, greatly responsible for the Great Wars of the 20th century. Dramatically presented!

  5. This battle is why the Rhine River to this day separates the Latin-base European languages from the German-base European languages.

    Interestingly enough, Arminius had been a hostage of the Romans as a child, and had learned their fighting style, all with the lifelong purpose of defeating it.

    It was said that for the rest of his life, when he would find himself sleepless, the Emperor Augustus would call out "Give me back my legions!"

    Very nice diorama, really excellent work.

    • I think it's terrific that this diorama is getting this amount of attention. It's a great subject amazingly well done.

      The events around the 'Varian Disaster' were seminal for both the Roman Empire and Germanic races. The battle was so pivotal that after the trauma of losing the seventeenth and nineteenth legions you mention, Tom, the numbers were 'retired' from the army, never to be used again. There were enough survivors of the eighteenth legion to reform later, but XVII and XIX were never revived and their name died with the men.

      Armunius' tactics laid the classic foundations for guerrilla warfare ever since. Couldn't survive his wife's family, though...

      2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  6. Absolutely fabulous sculpting and painting this vignette... Kudos!

  7. That's a great atmospheric photo of the forest. Not a place I'd want to get into a fight with the locals. Home field advantage, plus surprise. And probably old growth forest, at that, not the tidy recent kind I'm used to, here in the former Colonies.

  8. It's a great photo and easy to imagine the carnage that took place there. The rout of the Romans took place in the year 0009 and the forest is still going strong.

    Modern (150 years old) statue of Arminius at the site of the battle...

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