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Year of the Cat, Mirage 2000-C Tigermeet 2003. Revell 1/72

Yes there is my second build for the . Finaly got this French cat ready for action.

It took some extra work to get this kit nicely done as this is a re-box from the original Italeri kit. Colours I used are from Tamiya, Life-Colour and Revell Aquacolor. For the blue pattern I made the masks myself using Tamiya tape. The centreline fueltank is painted with Vallejo metal colour "dark aluminium" which has given a great result. A wash with Vallejo black wash gave the used look of this tank as seen on many photos of the real type. The Matra missiles received some coloured bandages which I sourced from my decal spare box and made to fit. The metal coloured bandages on the large Matra missiles are made from Bare Metal Foil also cut to fit. Further more just out of the box. It turned out very nicely and even in scale makes for an impressvie aircraft in my collection. It was great fun to add this Mirage to the Year of the Cat group build. Thanks for being part of it. I hope you like this French cat.

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  1. Beautiful work, sir...simply beautiful.

  2. Ferry, I always feel under-qualified when it come to commenting on modern aviation subjects. You have made the job easy in this case! Sometimes I hear music in a style that usually doesn't 'float my boat' but I can tell it is of high quality - and appreciate the performance and the masterpieces being played. This is a symphony! Beautiful masking and painting to get those elegant curves in the camo scheme, and great use of colour to achieve a realistic 'look'. The Year of The Cat group produced some wonderful builds - this is up there with the best!

  3. Yes very nicely done Ferry, I like the ghostly tigers head, meeoooww !

  4. Truly outstanding! Great job.

  5. I agree with everyone above... This is truly a work of art... and one of my favorites. I like this one ! The "Ghost" image of the "Cat" is very cool ...

    Well done my friend ! 🙂

  6. Liked it!
    It is an excellent idea to detail the missiles with Bare Metal foil... even that it is a small correction, it is in tune with the excellent work on the other parts of the model and further enhances the overall appearance. Thumbs up!

  7. Very nice work Ferry, this dark alu color really makes the CFT very realistic.

  8. Excellent all the way around! Great job Ferry - love it!

  9. Thank you all very much guys for your reactions. Very much appreciated!

  10. Amazing work, hard to believe it's 1/72. Truly an excellent result.

  11. Nicely done Ferry, really good work for 1/72!

  12. Hello Ferry,

    Surprisingly big model for 1/72 scale. Nice and not "over" weathered airplane. The French like to keep them clean.

    Interesting is also, that this AC was not sold more to NATO country's. Very capable according to the Military Aviation Specialists. Yes, I know one smart neighbor (The Belgiums) had them also, although a different type.

    It is happening again with the JSF. Small country's like The Netherlands should have gone for the Dassault Rafale. Battleground proven, good priced and the spares are nearby. The biggest problem for us Dutchmen is the language. Could be the reason we are not purchasing them.

    Ferry, see you in Gorinchem 06-10-2018.

    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

    Ferry, job well done.

  13. Beautiful Mirage, Ferry! It sure looks "bigger" than 1/72nd scale - by the detail work you did!

  14. Thank you all guys for all your kind words, it's very much appreciated.
    I have an interest in the Mirage and in the background I'm also slowly working on a Mirage 2000 N, the twin seater carrying the nuclear misile. In time I will make a build topic of that one too.
    @Dirk yes I will be visiting Gorinchem in October, so catch up with you there.

  15. This looks great until you see it in your hand, which is when you really appreciate the artistry and skill in the context of the size. Fabulous.

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