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Kit Saloon 2018, Lysa nad Labem, CZ

is traditional and very well known exhibition in Czechia. I attended there this year for 3rd time in last 10 years.
It was full of excellent models - plenty of airplanes and many many cars...
I must say - I think I have never seen so many so excellent airplanes models at one place till this time.
Honestly, almost all models deserved to be awarded and they were not.
Enjoy their pictures. 🙂

86 additional images. Click to enlarge.

18 responses

  1. Great pics and models, tx for posting!

  2. Wow...I wouldn't know where to start with the praises - that B-47 really caught my eye, though - what a beauty!

  3. Excellent models on display! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is an excellent set of photos ! Thanks for sharing them with us. It looks like it was a great show.

  5. Those are all magnificent models. Great photos of them all.

  6. Great selection, great show.

  7. There are some absolutely gorgeous models there! Like Craig, the Navy B-47 really caught my eye. The multi-oared old sailing ship looked splendid as well.

    Thanks for posting these great photos, Martin!

  8. Great show! Thanks for posting.
    Does the show have a homepage? Maybe I could go there next year.

  9. It is hard telling wich model is more stunning, absolutely amazing models on display. Thank you so much for posting all these pics!

  10. Has the standard for model-makers become this high nowadays, that ANY one of these kits should be an award-winner? Our hobby has grown, and become essentially an art, no longer a kids' time-killer. Wow. And thank you to the author, for including, as much as possible, the excellent show labels describing the scale and manufacturer of these models. I wish I had even half the skills necessary to produce models at this level!

    • Richard, thanks to companies like AK Interactive and Mig Productions (and others), more and more people can achieve incredible real look of their creations.

      There is plenty of washes, effects and colors on the market - but I can still see that one essential thing is the same all the time - passion and building skill.

      You can paint model like God, but if you are not able to fill and sand all joins, pins and if you are not able to keep the surface clean, all the painting and effects effort is useless.

      Well - and to keep people motivated - they (in the competition) awarded also the prize for "modellers just for fun" to award anything which has been built just for fun - no matter if it is real or not. 🙂 I think this keeps our hobby still alive - passion and fun.

  11. wow, such gorgeous models...some of the best I have seen. Dont know if this makes me want to try harder on my builds or just altogether quit...LOL. Thanx for the quality pictures of this show.

  12. You weren't kidding - some beautiful work there, and they all look like award winners!

  13. Everything is extremely high quality and rare subject too,
    it seems like all-world best model show, not local..!

  14. Amazing talent! I was fortunate enough to see the Navy B-47 at Miramar NAS in the late 60’s. My father told me it was used to simulate attacks on ships and installations to train radar operators. I wish I had my own photos of it, but that model really brought back memories!

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