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Tamiya, He-162 Volksjager, in 1/48 scale

February 12, 2019 · in Aviation · · 35 ≡

Hi Everyone, here is my He-162 Volksjager in scale.
Colors and weathering effects by by Mig and Van Gogh's oils.
"Wood surfaces" were painted first with Ammo by Mig's New Wood color 037. then, with an old brush, I made the wood texture by brushing each surface with different amounts of Van Gogh's brown and yellow oils.
This is quite a slow process, since you must wait until the oils dry completely - 2 days. only then, a few cotes of glossy varnish and now, it's time to move to the next surface...:)

Thanx, Allon

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  1. Smashing looking Volksjäger! Really like the tones on this one. Only change I´d do is to use different streak patterns on rudders and rest of fins etc as hardly same piece of plywood was used continuously over two surfaces. Small hatches would probably have been metal and not plywood? Great looking fighter, very much like the hard stand and the little dolly.

  2. Allon, Your wood work looks very realistic, and the over all look is very eye catching. Well done !

  3. Wow! Superb wood and metal effect and thanks for detailing how you got the wood grain fact

  4. Looks really nice, I love these stripped down models. I have seen other well made planes, for example an Il-2 and Mosquito. I should really consider building a similar model, these look amazing.
    Well done, I love this!

  5. The best I’ve seen with unpainted robes. Stellar work

  6. Beautifully done Allon, the wood is especially well done. Seems the Salamander is very popular these last few weeks. Really nice job on this one.

  7. Can only concur with the consensus of the masses noted above. Outstanding work.

  8. Nice job and attractive combination of raw metal and plywood! Real eyecatcher!
    Looking forward to next model from you!

  9. Very eye catching, well done!

  10. Great Job! I i don't like this aircraft too much, but in this manner it looks quite amusing! If I ever build one, I'll copy your approach ;).

  11. The wood work looks great, as does the metal finish - really pops with that combination. A fantastic model overall - well done!

  12. Greaaaat job on those wood textures, fantastic!

  13. That's really nice. The "nekkid model" looks good. You also got that engine looking just right. Three years ago, Planes of Fame pulled their He-162 out of the hangar and had the cowling open while stripping it for a repaint. There's a post in my blog here with a bunch of photos I took of the engine, for anyone interested in doing their kit opened up.

  14. Great job! Your painting is very eye catching. Really terrific.

  15. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Very nice and impressive work on that He-162 Allon. The overall paint scheme gives it a very singular appeal and your wood look paint is very convincing in every aspect,

  16. Allon, this woodwork looks fantastic. Perhaps you could help me with a question. I can see a pair of Ammo's Olibrushers on the last pic. Is there anything particular that you've been using them for during this build? I have a set of these but have been struggling to figure out what to use them for - they look like a "quick fix" product but the drying time is really long, so I'm puzzled.

    • You are the second one who ask me the same question today?

      Well, You are absolutely right, you can achieve any effect with "regular" oil paints.

      I use Van Gogh's and Rembrandt oils (wich easy to find them in my country, but other brands are as good as they are) with painting medium quick drying liquid. It's enough - you don't need anything else.

      But... sometimes, to ease the painting process, and to get the correct tones, I use Ammo-mig oilbrushers. Usually for dust and rust streaking effects. In this model I used them to vary the wood tones.

      Thank you for your comment and good night from Tel-aviv, allon.

  17. Allon, what a wonderful piece of work. Really different & set off beautifully by your base. A superb effort!

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