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Tiger F-5E Swiss Air Force J-3001

June 2, 2018 · in Aviation · · 11 Comments

From 1973 a systematic analysis of the aircraft market and evaluation of several types took place.

At an early stage, the Federal Council decided to focus the evaluation on one aircraft, the F-5E.

After thorough testing, the Federal Council was able to send a message to Parliament in 1975 for the procurement of 72 aircraft (66 F-5E, one-seater hunter and 6 F-5F double seater for training).

In the spring session of 1976, Parliament approved the motion.

Immediately preparations for the re - and final assembly in Switzerland began.

A striking event was in the course of 1978, the air transport of 19 disassembled in large parts "Tiger" withthe "C5 GALAXI after Emmen. In October 1978, the first single-seater - Tiger F-5E was handed over to the troops. Kit: 1:32 All orange marks were sprayed. Best regards Hans Peter

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11 responses

  1. Nice looking Tiger Hans. That particular jet always looked fast to me, even while sitting on the ground.

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    said on June 2, 2018

    Nice job and nice simple dio.

  3. Always liked the lines of this jet...but the service life of this aircraft seemed awfully short to me for some reason.

  4. Hans, A very interesting / attractive paint scheme. Well done !

  5. Unique subject, beautiful airplane. Did not know Revell did a 1/32 F5. Is it a re-boxed Hasegawa? Built one of those years ago. Did a great job with this and love the scheme. Well Done my friend!

  6. Thank you for liking it is an ex Hasegawa kit. wish a nice Weekend. H. P

  7. Well-done, Hans. F-5's & F-20 among the best looking aircraft on the planet, IMHO. You capture the 5 perfectly.

  8. Lovely build with a nice streak of colour! I bet the stripes make it go faster!

  9. A very nice-looking Tiger!

  10. Great looking Tiger!

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