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1/32 Jeannin Stahltaube

Dear modelers,
I like airplanes in the early days of flight. The airplanes of the times when it was only aimed at flying were totally different from modern weapons of mass destruction.
I want to make planes of this period steadily from now on.

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28 responses

  1. The internal detail, and control cabling/rigging is just brilliant. And the model itself is beautiful. Congratulations!

  2. A most elaborate build, sir...and I'll wager quite difficult (but very well done). Outstanding!

  3. Excellent. What did you use for rigging?

  4. Jonghwan, this is beautiful. Very well done !
    "If ever an airplane was design by studying birds, this is sure it" !

  5. The most unusual of Wingnut models is a stunning beauty when made by skilled people like you Jonghwan. Wonderful presentation, love that engine

  6. Fantastic build and model, congratulations! The plane itself looks brand new from factory.
    Like it a lot.

  7. Beautifully built, painted, & finished, jonghwan Lee! Exquisite detailing, and the figure is superb.


  8. Exquisite build. No often you see a WWI aircraft build that's not one of the early armed combatants.

  9. Everything about this model is brilliant. Each small detail supports the others to a final effect that is astounding. I love this!

  10. Just wanted to echo the comments above. The craftsmanship of this build is top-notch. It’s a model one doesn’t tire of looking at. Excellent work!

  11. This is gorgeous, just a beautiful museum quality build. Love these types of planes and want to build one now. Your attention to detail is just fantastic. Is this a Wingnuts Wing Model?

  12. A very nice model of this aircraft. WnW provides a wealth of options to produce a fine model straight from the box. I've seen a few of these now at shows and they always look "the business".

  13. Everyone else has stolen my thunder! It is a real beauty, and I can't believe you did all that internal rigging that can hardly (if at all) be seen once all closed up. Real attention to detail.

  14. Jonghwan this is an outstanding build!
    Would like to know from what company is this beautiful pilot figure?


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