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Maiale, The diorama

January 29, 2019 · in Diorama · · 12 · 2.3K
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  2. Maiale, The diorama

This feels a bit like cheating as I squeeze two articles from one model but the S.L.C. “” seemed a bit lonely sitting on my shelf in its cradle so I decided to make another diorama.

The ship hull was fun to build. Even if it's not showing in the pictures the hull is curved under the waterline. The hull itself is built up with pink building foam and covered with a sheet of styrene. The sheet was scribed to emulate separate panels and rivets added with PVA glue (with some added filler).
I thought I had done everything correctly when I poured the clear Epoxy into the box holding the Maiale. But when I removed the box after curing the sides were clouded and the only side that was crystal clear was the top.
Ok, I'll just sand the sides down and polish it up.
Upon sanding it all went downhill. Some of the Epoxy had not cured properly and I used more time trying to salvage the Epoxy than I did on the rest of the diorama. I'm still not happy with the outcome but can't beat myself up over it anymore, -it's a learning curve after all 🙂
I added Mod Podge on the water surface to break it up and blend in more with the rest of water.
The problem was probably due to poor mixing of the resin.

So, note to self -mix well and then mix some more. Pour the mixed resin into a new cup and mix even more.

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  1. Fabulous. The subject is unusual, the composition is brilliantly executed, and the work on the figures is terrifically skilled. There’s nothing about this I don’t love. Creative modeling at its finest. Well done, Geir. Very well done.


    • Thank you, David, for your motivating comments. As a beginner, this means a lot to me.
      I learned a much building this diorama and most of all I learned testing out new material on a smaller scale before drowning your model in Expoy 🙂 It is a one-shot deal so mix your resin well 😉

  2. Excellent diorama, Geir! It's visually interesting and your figures are outstanding.

    Bravo !

    • Thanks, Jeff
      I already have some plans for future dioramas but as I got the TAKOM kit of the King Tiger with the full interior as Christmas present from my wife I'll probably be working on that for weeks to come 🙂 I must admit, that it is probably over my skill level.
      But if everything fails I can probably drop it in some Epoxy and display it like a drowned Tiger 🙂

  3. An amazing build!

  4. Actually, the water not being clear is probably more like what Alexandria Harbor was like in reality.

    Great work on this. Lots of talent and creativity on display.

  5. Can't add to what was already stated...nice job!

  6. Very intriguing diorama, with realistic details and dynamic poses. And the subject is fascinating. However I'm not sure about the episode that the diorama is intended to depict: perhaps the testing of a captured SLC?

  7. The water looks pretty convincing to me Geir!
    Nice arrangement of the figures and the scene.
    Great concept!

  8. Hello Geir,
    Interesting subject, very well executed. Regards, Dirk.

  9. I like it! Nicely done.

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