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Vintage Monogram Kit: Cessna A-37 Tweet

July 6, 2018 · in Aviation · · 12 Comments

I always love this little jet in all it's variants. I especially like the attack version in it's all grey tactical paint scheme with low-vis markings. I recently found these old pictures of an old build. I do apologize for the horrible photographs but it is all that remains of this model. It was sold off some years ago.

I built this before the release of the newer Trumpeter /T-37 release. It is the old original release of this aircraft model and was the only game in town when built in 1/48. I recall purchasing aftermarket resin cockpit accessories, and adding lots of little details. The pilot is from the kit. I also needed to purchase after-market low-visibility markings. At the time of this build my weathering skills were somewhat rudimentary but I had some fun trying to make it look worn and weary. Most of my energy went into bringing the big, and wide-open cockpit to life. I also believe I did some re-scribing on this build which was most likely a 1st for me. I still dont have that skill nailed down and avoid scribing like the plague...LOL. Hope you can enjoy my blurry pics!

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12 responses

  1. It's a neat kit of an interesting looking plane. I love the bubble-ish canopy.

    Must be murder for take offs and landings on a shag runway.

  2. Despite its' age, those "old" Monogram kits were hard to beat. I think this build looks pretty good and I like what you did with it. Nice work, Paul. 🙂

  3. It's a nicely done old kit! I like the Tweet in all it's S. American livery, and have several lined up to do. By the way - I always thought it would make a good sled, especially with lots of tanks hanging from it - your pic in the deep "snow" only confirms my suspicion!

  4. Excellent, Paul! I want one for myself - (the real bird)

    Now, if I only had the ca$h and had finished my flying lessons ...

    I'll have to settle for a model, I guess. LOVE the Tweety Bird and your rendition of one!

  5. Terrific Tweety bird!

  6. Very nice. I was unaware Trumpeter did a version of this. Off to the Googler...

  7. Cracking stuff, Paul. Vintage or not it is a plane full of character, perfectly captured by your build!

  8. I like the work here. Having just done one of these for a client earlier this year, I can't say enough bad about the kit in design and production quality (stay far away from the Encore release, none of that resin fits for diddly). I'd definitely recommend the Trumpeter kit nowadays.

    Back in 1980, in return for donating a bunch of models to the Mather AFB museum, I had a ride in a T-37 along with another, up over the Sierra Nevada over the Tulomne River canyon, just north of Yosemite. Here's some shots I got. Fun trip in a fun airplane.

    3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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